Monday, February 21, 2011


this sore throat is killing me.. i probably will have difficulty sleeping tonight so i might as well do something for my blog.. i am actually not in the mood to write but i feel i badly need to come up of something just to fill in this lull night..

happy hot dot & champorado for dinner
his favorite spot sa lrt
for two consecutive days last week, PK and i argued about his usual rumblings about my life.. oh well, he insists that i have a very boring life.. you and your hr work, uwi kasabay ako, kakain tayo dinner, ieenjoy mo mrt ride mo, dating sa unit, pag weekend tatakbo.. then he'll say that i am so jologs (i.e eating chicken na nasa plastic habang naglalakad sa mall; or not being able to control my eating dahil bawal habang nasa compounds pa ng lrt station pa kami; or eating champorado for dinner; or ang lakas ng boses ko when talking to him.. etc..).. and when i want to kid around the mall, he would pretend he's not with me because of shame..then call me a freak.. and a lot of times he'll act as if my life is so pathetic or worst, act as if i don't have a life at all.. gee shock!

got tired with the monkey bars
i really do not understand his points sometimes.. i have been thinking about it and i cannot comprehend his thoughts about me.. or maybe, is it that i am really too boring now that even i do not get to see that my life is boring?.. poor me? : )

thank god its friday
pero hindi naman talaga kasi.. i mean, is it so hard to understand that i am doing okay with what i am doing now?.. i mean, i don't need to party and dress up and put make up on and go to blind dates or attend speed dating or wear 4 inched high heeled shoes  and meet guys and be friends and meet others again and be friends and go out and get drunk and party and party some more, just to break the routine.. oh well, did i just said too much again?

i so love the details of this shoes
hmmm... i know i am not bored.. and i know i am pretty okay these past weeks... i can smile a lot now and even laugh out loud.. i am better.. not yet at my best but really, better.. in fact, i just bought myself a new pair of office shoes... wala lang..  : )

see i came up with something tonight! superME.. : )



  1. LOL! BABALA SA MGA MAMBABASA: Sermon sa akin ang blog na ito.


    Wait! Oh my God! Look at the shoes, also boring. Not even attracting!!!

  2. grabe ka na talaga ha.. nakakasakit ka na.. boring pala ko e sama ka naman ng sama sa akin..