Tuesday, February 1, 2011


i was supposed to do this entry yesterday as a form of closing the first month of this year. unfortunately, i was too tired to do so last night. i guess it isn't too late to put on this as i know i have ways more than one to celebrate january..

made them sing & i started to cry.. toinks
first off, the month marked the entry of Pilosopong Komikero in my new lungga now.. i celebrate this because although we are not on the same unit, at least, i know that there would be days when i don't need to walk out of the gate alone..

secondly, as i mentioned in my previous entry, this month was truly a humbling experience for me.. making my father cry because of my stupidity, and hurting my mother so much because of the same stupidity made me realized big time how blessed i really am.. its not their crying that i celebrate, rather, its the realization which brought me to choose to make each day close to perfect (if not completely perfect).. i celebrate this because everyday, papa says iloveyou, weloveyou.. to remind me that this year is a new year for me..

third.. its really great to note that for the entire january, isang beses lang nag freak out si boss dahil sa akin.. for the rest days that followed, she was ok with me.. there were even times when she would kid around with me.. cool! (gee, i just hope heaven would continue showering her with compassion.. prayers do work ey)..

fourth.. oh, i just received and have signed my contract for permanency.. hmmm.. well, i knew i wanted to say yes to going home, and i did.. only that, its a new home for now.. i chose to give this heaven a chance, as it also opens itself to giving me a chance to shine.. i chose to stay here and discover myself more.. the distance, solitude, me-times, strangers, more strangers, different strokes, different cuts of heart, meeting people, trying to form new friendships, lapses in work, more lapses, learning, and learning more.. all these excites me, humbles me at the same time.. i know, i made a good decision..

getting ready for my first run..
fifth.. i had my first weekend run at the ultra with Pilosopong Komikero.. and it was a good run..
R for RuN

sixth.. i also had my first marathon for this year.. and the best thing is, i got my first finishers medal... oh well, i may have not met my desired time for this run, but its a great accomplishment for me.. whoa!..

seventh.. finally, i got to sing my heart out.. although it wasn't the type of place i wanted to sing (because i really wanted to sing at pg13 or at the megamall supermarket), i was still able to sing.. that would do for now..

.. if you want me to i will...

8th.. i get to say goodmorning and goodnight to people truly dear to me.. wrongFLIGHT? i guess not..

hmmm.. along side all these mentioned, there are still so many reasons to celebrate my january.. well, i was thinking of skipping february, but who knows, this month may bring me good news too..

i placed high hopes for january.. and i am placing high hopes for february as well..

counting blessings here.. and still counting others, more than once..



  1. I'm so happy for you Ate Nikki! :D Masaya ako dahil ok na ok ka na sa bagong langit mo. Hindi na ako/kami malulungkot kapag malungkot ka. Masasabi kong umusad ka na tlga gaya ng LRT. hahaha:)) I love you and I miss you. Happy songs and happy hugs for you ate! Weeeh! >:D<

  2. i think i know her ^ (hhhaha)

    anyhow, i love the posts you have recently, kasi i can sense you're really happy now.

  3. @anonymous & brent.. well, i try to be positive everyday lately.. i try to make each day work and turn out well..

    yes, i am happy (because i know i have a lot of reasons to be)...

    on the other hand,
    i know i can still be happier..

    that, i hope may come in time...

    in the meantime,
    i can settle for this
    and its all worth it..

    @brentzu.. yah,this anonymous i know.. the others i still dont..

    yung utang niyo ni anonymous wala pang bayad..


  4. (habang binasabasa ang first part ng comments...)


    (pagkatapos mabasa ang last lines ng comment..)



    Yes, Ma'am. To follow nalang po. Haha! :P

  5. @anonymous..

    hugs.. ill look forward..i am looking forward.. :)

  6. kala ko ba no naming of names dito, haha

  7. @rexstatic.. oo nga.. si anonymous kasi.. haist..

  8. ooops. sorry. late ko na napansin na nagsulat ako ng name. :| may kasalanan na naman ako. sorry na ulit. sorry. sorry. wrong na naman ako. :|

  9. i feel happy knowing that brighter days are here again. let the sunshine give you more reason to smile and please allow the moon to make you happy anytime.
    happy days and happy hugs.
    strawberry fields forever.