Tuesday, December 11, 2012


masaya ako ngayon.
naluluha ako sa sobrang kasiyahan.
nararamdaman ito ng puso ko.
pero batid ko din ang alinlangan.
ang pangamba na kapag nabigong muli,
hindi ko na alam kung paano mag simula uli.
kung paano bubuohin ang sarili.

masaya ako ngayon.
abnormal ang tibok ng puso ko ngayon.



  1. i used to never understnad the fear that you have until i have finally experinced mine. but, this, this happiness, it is like our medications, they make us well, sometimes though they have side effects (they cause us pain) and when our dosage has to stop, we somtimes long for them to be back, since they give us so much 'happiness'. but the thing is, no matter how bitter our bitter pills are, they make us better. i hope this 'loveactually' pill finally gives you your full recovery, your real happiness. you deserve much, don't let the fear of loosing it stop you. for you know what, you might or may not loose it in the end, but the important thing is, for the time being you are happy. :)