Sunday, October 9, 2011


i am a disney fan. it certainly have a special place in my heart. i love the different characters they have introduced and specially love the stories that revolved around them.  my heart has this certain peace and and smile brought by the sound of their music. disney have a way of making my heart and soul dance in clouds (like fear never exists and hurt is never real). disney is magic and all about it.

i guess even adults have this special thing about disney.  i believe that every soul who believes in love also believes in the magic that disney brings. i feel blessed that i got the chance to watch the mickey music festival last thursday, (october 6) with my friends (big thanks to mommy d for the tickets - patron seats). like any child present in the big dome, my heart was overjoyed to see some of my favorite disney characters and the music they played during that night. 

the show opened with a musical blast by mickey and his close friends donald, goofy, and minnie. each had their own production number which was also joined in by back-up dancers.  i had a great time watching the opening and was so amazed on how the audience (kids and kids-at-heart) cheered as each character came in.   hearing the loud cheers and giggles were really uplifting. :)

then apppeared the magic lamp and poof! genie came out. aladin had been one of my classic favorites so i got really excited. magic carpet also came in for the carpet ride of aladin and jasmine.  i was nearly to tears as they performed a whole new world.  the visual effects made the production even greater and more real.  and just like he movies, the flying scene knocked me off of my feet. a-m-a-z-i-n-g.  

a big shell came out and everyone knew who it's going to be. the audience were surprised to see sebastian inside the shell.  ariel came out later with her beautiful tail.  there was also a glow-in-the-dark production of the different sea creatures and the crowd went cheering when flounder appeared.  the audience also enjoyed the scene with ursula and the daughters of triton dancing their version of single ladies and kiss the girls.  and just like any disney story, everyone loved the portion where ariel meets eric and the rest of the story went even magical.

then came these bunch of green soldiers (sarge and the bucket o'soldiers) which i didn't figure what story they were representing right away.  only when a cowboy went out and i figured its toy story time. seeing woody was really exciting because of his perky personality. he was later joined in by his horse bullseye, and jessie where they played double dutch.  the crowd got even charged up when these huge asteroid-like-balls came flying and where thrown to the audience. the scene signaled the coming of the handsome space ranger buzz lightyear.  it was fun seeing that the toys turned big for this show. :)

the show ended with all casts on the stage for their final production number.  i was kind of sad to realize at that point that the show was over. oh well, it's still going to be one experience of a lifetime for me.  i hope i get to see the bigger production on december (if time permits of course). 

in the meantime, i thank heavens for this chance. and it's also a good feeling to know that my heart (though scarred and ab-normal) is still young in many ways. 


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