Friday, October 21, 2011


another long overdue blog entry. though i have so many stories to share,  lately i just feel so lazy gathering my thoughts and writing them up.. but i guess this friday can be different.. so here goes..

not many people are aware that one of the things written in my short term bucket list for this year is to be able to finish a 21k marathon.  i started preparing for it since june.  i made it a point (even on lazy days) to run at least 3x a week after my work.  most of the time, i also ran alone.  when the month of september came in, i would wake up at 3 am to have my training at the ultra from 4-6.30 am.  i guess i was too determined to really have a good run for the camSUR international marthon. not until...

one week before the race date, i sprained not one but two of my ankles.  talk about unlucky days.. the pain was excruciating.  i had to keep it as a secret to my sisters and parents that my feet were not well.  i was scheduled to leave manila on a thursday (sept 22). up until that that day, i was half-hearted to give up my uaap tickets for the 1st game of the finals in place of the big possibility that i won't be able to run the race. but because my folks were all set up for my visit, i decided to push through with the trip.

i arrived in naga at 3am. too excited to finally have a bite of biggs extreme burger, i had an early breakfast treat with via yang, tinig, and bolang de kanto (boy, you are huge).  i really felt so honored that they woke up early to join me for breakfast.

i decided to spend my friday at home. the entire "me" knew too well how much it misses the scent of my room and the entire ambiance of the house. i practically slept the whole day (with my baby stuffed toys). it was also fun chatting with my parents.

saturday came and i decided to meet up with via yang, and pipi't bingi for lunch.  i was having the strong craving for bicol express and pinangat.  God, i really miss bicol dishes so much. i got teary-eyed when we separated after lunch.

i had to hurry home to watch on tv the game 1 of the finals. though it was so different watching it live, i really rejoiced and was so proud of emman monfort's performance.  boy, he really played so well.

i was still feeling the pain in my ankles.  seeing my running shoes, i put in on and tried a short run inside the house.  i realized the that an expensive pain killer will do its works.

i woke up hoping that the pain was left in dreamworld.  unfortunately, it so loved me that it decided to stay with me. i even had a hard time bringing myself to the start up line because of the pain.  5 minutes before gun start, i took two more of the magic pills. 

the gun start made me really excited.  i must admit that i was at the same time having fears on the possibility of not finishing the race.  but this is my 21k dream. the race has started, and my heart was pumping to go for the big push.

i cannot explain how much hope i had with me while i started running.  i realized that a lot of people were running fast, but i decided to stay on with my pace. the race route was also (so far) the best route i've ever have.  the presence of the locals on the sides of the streets was overwhelming.  they cheered for the runners.  the shouted inspiring words for runners to continue to push hard.  the kids were amazingly supportive as they held out their hands for high-fives.

i was happy that i reached the 12k mark at 58 minutes. i just thought that if i would be able to sustain my pace, i would be able to reach my target time for my 21k race.  unfortunately, as i reached my 13k mark, the effect of the magic pills started to wear off. i started feeling the pain again and i knew that it would be impossible to not stop every so often.

there was a point when i wanted to stop and not finish the race anymore.  but thoughts of the training i did, the sacrifices made for waking up so early, giving up my uaap tickets, and fulfilling a dream, all these made me more determined to continue.  i was holding the yellow guy as we continued to push to the finish.  i did alternate walks after every 200m run. the pain was making every step worth it.

amazingly, as i was near the finish line, no other runners were in front of me.  the scene was so much like a movie to me.  the emcee goes 'we have another 21k finisher approaching the line.. no. 961'.. everything felt like slow-motion.  i cried as soon as i crossed the finish.  :) haha..

i finished my first half marathon in 3.08 hours.  it was not my target time, but it is thus far my greatest achievement in my running journey.  and having my original running buddies around made this experience really extra special.

in the afternoon, i also got the chance to watch an adnu game.  i also wanted to watch allan play his last year in basketball.  watching was of course happiness in the company of pilyong querubin, bolang de kanto, via yang, madam trish, free spirit, and seth.  

dinner was even more fun as via yang and i finally met our idol journeyingjames with his couch-surfer friend clara.  that gave me another chance to enjoy bicol dishes before i leave again.

this bicol trip was truly awesone.  although still half-hearted because of the missing pieces, at least i know that another dream from my bucket list came true.

thank you heaven. 



  1. aba, thanks for the mention.

    next half marathon na!

  2. @journeyingjames..

    of course, it will always be an honor.. :)

  3. glad to see you too, myangligaw. but please do stop calling me madam, I'm not that old, huhuhu.

  4. @urbanmiss.. eee... yun na talaga tawag namin sayo.. tsaka di naman ibig sabihin nun old ka na... toh naman oh..