Monday, January 16, 2012


I started making my bucketlist way back 2004.. I actually have a loooong list of the things I want to do before I die.. 3rd quarter of 2011 was when I decided to make another set of bucketlist that is short-term.. alongside the long list, here again is another short-term version for 2012. 

Changing my DP for this year is my way of starting the year with a happy heart. I embrace the fact that some things did not fall into place for 2011, then again the past year was not all-bad.  So as I try to make this year a blast, here’s my 2012 bucketlist.. my road-list to achieve a happier 2012..

Travelocity.  As part of my wowPilipinas experience, I want this year to be extra special through travels I want to do. On my travel list right now are: go Surfing in Baler… ultimate thrill&adventure in Cagayan de Oro… blast from the past of Coregidor.. and island hopping in Zambales… I also hope to go international at the last quarter of the year.. starting off with a weekend in Malaysia..

Fullmoon dinners. As the moon continues to play a magical part in my life, I would like to celebrate each month through special dinners under myManilaMoon.. (too bad I missed out January)..

Come up with my food journal & food blog and call it from the kitchen and beyond: the nomnomnom adventures of MYAngligaw.. it’s always been a dream to do food blogging but I did not have the guts to do so because I feel that I will not be able to give justice to the food through my write up.  But who cares (hehe), it’s after all my own page.  The journal (thank you Pilosopong Komikero) & blog will feature recipes I have tried to do and all other adventures related to food. Nomnomnom!

I believe I need to celebrate all the hard work I do in terms of my career.  I am truly grateful for the new assignment (that also meant promotion) given to me this year. And with that I wish to have my payDayNomNom.. this celebration will also feature different food establishments.. mmm.. this is going to be exciting!!

Run a full marathon (42k, okay let me change that..) run 2 half marathons (21k).. but I want my time to be really competitive. I want to see advancement in my race results.  Of course, that would mean being truly dedicated to my training, attitude, and discipline.  Boy, this is going to be really hard… but then again, it’s eyes on the finish line baby.. 

2012 Happiness Jar.. I actually copied this concept from Superman’s happiness box.. it was his way of keeping his happy memories this year.  Feeling that it is really a great idea, I asked his permission to adopt his concept.  So here it is, my happiness jar which will collect all my happy and magical moments for the year.  And if time permits, I would love to open the jar at the end of the year, then read and re-live the moments with a bottle of cold-beer and my favorite 4-tops pizza. 

Own a pair of brooks running shoes. i’ve always pictured myself  wearing a running shoes with this brand.  Hai.. I just find it so expensive.. but they really look so cool and feel so right on my feet.  Maybe I’ll get one as a birthday gift to myself.. that won’t be too much I guess..besides, I deserve the best right??

Long-weekend get-aways.  Long weekends mean ultimate rest for me.  This time though, I want to maximize them with not just taking full rests but also exploring, trying out new things and having fun.

ice-skate.. again this is a long time dream. a lot of people actually find this funny. But it doesn’t really matter.. I just have this thinking that I’ll feel like flying if I do this.. (deep sigh)… i just think that I’ll really feel good if I do this.. ice skate like a free and happy princess..:)

ride-all-i-can at Enchanted Kingdom.. a lot of people still cannot believe that I haven’t been to EK.. they’ve always wondered why a fun-loving person missed this type of adventure.. they can wonder all they want.. J I’ll just have to make sure to make this happen.

Get a tattoo.. I am not a tattoo-fan.. but I think getting one will give me the feeling of getting out of the cage and being free again.. yes, I see you.

Hike mt. pulag.  This is actually part of my long-term list.. I know that I haven’t trained to do mountain climbing but I think I can still make this happen before the last quarter ends.  To reach the peak would mean being closer to heaven.  Closer to myMoon.

getReallyDrunk.  Geee… I just want to know how it feels again.  As they say, it’s mas matamis the second time around!

fly a kite and dance in the rain.  Well, I’ve done it before and it felt really good. I believe doing it over and over and over again will be similar to taking a happy capsule everyday.  If that’ll be the case, maybe there’s no need for vitamins.

Hold hands. Hug more. Smile a lot. And laugh out loud. I’m sure all these will keep me sane. And healthy. And yeah, maybe more loving too. Yeah, more loving.
I don’t know how much time I really have, but it’s okay.  I’ll take each day as a gift and continue hoping to make all these happen.. not just because it’s my bucketlist, but moreso because I just want to see the best of me again. 

2012 will be a greater year for me.  2012 will be a happier year for me.
Because together or apart,
We will still be staring at the same moon.



  1. 1st, once again, congratulations on your promotion
    2nd, please replace your blogger DP with your twitter DP
    3rd, I'm gonna buy that book when you've published it
    4th, I've never been drunk before. So if you decide to be drunk, please hook me up.
    Have a good 2012! =]

  2. @rexstatic.. 1. thanks.. hehe.. 2.i have changed it na since i posted my celebrating2011 blog.. haha.. 3.di naman aabot yun sa publishing... 4. cant hook up with you kasi dito ko na yun gagawin.. hehe..

    saka ka na maglasing pag graduate ka na!!! :)

  3. #09 on your bucketlist... Get a Tattoo !!!
    Try mo muna Henna before getting a permanent one...
    Like ko din having a tattoo but am always thinking twice before I get a permanent one... kaya palagin Henna na lang... :)

  4. @Lucia.. wow, such an honor you took the time to read.. hehe.. i've had henna tatoos several times na din.. so i really want a permanent one.. only that, im thinking how the pips sa office would react.. ahaha...

  5. keep inspiring me ate:)
    this one's above is absolutely moving!

  6. @karissa... hello there.. nagulat naman ako.. it's so heartwarming that i get to inspire someone from my blog.. :) wishing you well.. i hope i get to meet you one day too..:) kaw, gawa ka din list mo...

  7. kaibigan, nakaka inggit basahin ang blog mo, buong taong pagtatanaw sa mga posibilidad at hangarin ng puso...kilala mo ako, wala sa puso ang paglalakbay, pero sasamahan kita sa tattoo at pagpapakalasing. Masarap iukit sa balat ang anumang simbolo ng hangarin at lunurin sa alak ang anumang kinadapaan o pinagwagiang mga landasin... para sa 2012, KAMPAY!

    P.S. - nangungulila ako sa mga walang katuturang pangangarap at pagtatanong gaya ng datin nating ginagawa... :(

  8. @wisdomtooth.. naluha naman ako dun... haha... at sa lahat ng bahagi ng bucketlist ko, suportado mo ako sa tatoo at paglalasing.. hehe.. KAMPAY!!!

    kidding aside, i also miss you... i miss the serious as well as non sense talks.. basta ang alam ko, darating pa rin yung time na gaya ng dati.. bilog pa pa rin ang buwan... :)

    miss you dude!! KAMPAY for 2012!