Wednesday, February 22, 2012


people may never understand where i am coming from.. people may not fully grasp the reasons for the battles i chose to fight or the battles i chose to leave behind..

and in the countless times of u-turns, relapse, pitstops and crossroads; in the face to face long hours with emptiness, solitude, and fear; in many moments of feeling like i am a walking dead; - - i allowed myself to stay with all of it in full humility of what i was feeling and holding on to; i allowed myself to embrace time with patience and breathe with hope that all these shall pass..

and then one day, to my surprise, i just felt that something has changed.. i cannot fully explain what or why or how, i just know that something is different... the memories and pictures remain vivid every time i close my eyes, but the heartbeat is humming and calm... there are (sometimes) moments when the the old tunes come in, but the heart embraces it immediately with sighs of forgiveness and letting go..

(big sigh).. its really amazing how God messes things up and let you find your way towards peace and serenity.. how He allows us to take our time..  and how He makes us new again even with the scars we have... it's always a blessing to find one's way back into love...

after the heavy rains,
flightless birds, lost birds,
heavy sighs, unanswered calls, unreturned smiles

at the end of all these,
blue moon or full moons,
together or apart,
for a reason, a season or a lifetime,

i will always be the lucky one! 

happy birthday MyangLigaw,
happy wednesday FlightlessBird.

i am getting there,


I Could Not Ask For More - Edwin Mcain Mp3

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