Sunday, February 19, 2012


i promised myself that i will make 2012 a great year for me. i am more than glad that the month of january (as it marked the take off of the year) turned out to be a great one.  although the month also had me sick again and again, i am still happy that there were a lot of things i got to do which definitely merit an entry in my happiness jar.  we are now in mid february and a lot of things happening to me continue to amaze me.  for the past 2 years, february had been a low-will&spirit month for me. but right now, the month is turning to be like magic - - it's like time and chance is with me in the things i do and i still want to do. here's a run through of some of my 2012 take off.

my sabado padi's point.  everything was like cloud 9.. and as much as i want to say that it's a happy thing, it's also one of the crazy things i have ever done... crazy but (yah) i am smiling right now.. :)

paydayNomNomNom is turning to be a great food trip. my food adventure blog and journal had started and i am really enjoying every bit of it.  eating out with friends and preparing food for my sisters is like enjoying a bowl of your favorite soup on a stormy night.  my heart is full every time.  

the binondoTour with my colleagues gave me the chance to explore another famous site in manila. although i have been to the place before, an arranged tour coupled with food tastings were two of a kind experience. and let me include, i am thankful for everyone at the office.. things aren't perfect, but i am starting to love where i am and who i am with right now.

i had my fist 5k run for this year. although sick during race day, i decided to push through for practical reasons.  it's i guess my longest time for a 5k distance run. nonetheless, i was able to run, and that's what matters to me. 

and my date with the zambaleswaves?  the memories are now inside the happiness jar.. do i need to explain? :)

recently, i made a commitment to make this pool be the keeper of my heart.  with the help of my swim buddies, diligence, and will, i know that this will play a great value in turning this year ALL ABOUT NIKKI.. 

today is the month of february and with truly a grateful heart, i close my eyes and whisper to heaven "you know i needed all the strength for this month... and i am doing really awesome.. --"...

some people are  worth everything.. 
some even to die for..
guess what, i realized,
i am that kind of person too..

(happy birthday teddyBear)


  1. my heart is happy reading your recent entries
    there is joy lingering in your heart
    seems that sunshine is ready to shine
    and rainbow is up in the sky...

    keep up achi,
    you are on the path to happiness
    and the journey starts now...

    be free
    be happy
    allow your self to love
    and love even more.


  2. @applethea.. yes, sunshine is ready to shine.. :) dont worry, i may remain standing on that same cliff, but it doesn't mean that i dont know what love is anymore.. i still do.. and up until my last breath, i will know how to love, beyond love... :)