Tuesday, July 31, 2012


"great things start from small beginnings... " 
each runner runs his own race. some run for fun. some run to win. some run for health. some run to give. ikaw, ano ang hinahabol mo?

i signed up for the 2012 21k milo marathon to join some of my friends who will be running their first full marathon. i hardly trained for the run because i chose to focus on learning how to swim.  so, for almost 6 months, it was more of swimming than running. but yes, i still pushed through with the signing up.

my phone started to make noise at 2:00 am on race day. it was my sign to wake up and prep up for the run. i started to have second thoughts of pushing. the urge of just staying with my bed and enjoy my sleep was too strong. my mind was telling me that since there was no training, it will be really foolish of me to continue. my phone alarmed a couple of times more.. at 2.30 am, i found myself getting up and proceed with the original plan.

i arrived at the mall of asia start up area an hour early before gunstart. my heart was on its usual cheer up mode as i started to see the green shades all around (pretty much the sight of dlsu color)... i was hearing myself say.. "God, i really love this color.."... then i started to hear the milo song again.. i really love that song.. its like potion to a goal and a dream...it was fun to be surrounded by many runners, and they are from all ages.. really a happy sight and emotion for me..

i never got to see my friends before gunstart.. but i didn't feel alone because the presence of all other runners were enough to keep me company.. then there it is, the signal that soon it will be run time.. :) then bang!!! the 21k runners are up on the road.

my mind was kinda worried that i wont get to the 10k cut off time.. but i just continued running.. i was praying for strength because i really want to reach the finish line..  i was actually happy that i met my personal target for the 10k mark... i started to worry for the remaining distance.. i rejoiced when rain started to pour in.. i was really praying for it because i feel better running in the rain.. the company of rain made me feel like i am supergirl.. :) as i reached the 15k mark, i found myself laughing.. i was just thinking how foolish i am for signing up for the run without really training for it.. i realized it was a crazy thing for me to do.. but then, there was no other way but to just keep running and push myself to more limits..

17k mark started to make things worst... my lower legs were starting to hurt big time.. i was thinking of stopping but i felt that i'll collapse if i stop.  so i decided to walk and run until i reached the finish line.

like any run that i do, whether meeting my target time or not, reaching the finish line is always an accomplishment for me. i was laughing after realizing that my time today was even longer than my first 21k run with two sprained ankles.  this only proved true that trainings are important in everything that we do.. (lol).. but then again, a finish line is always icing on the cake for people who love running but are not very good with it.. (lol)... 

later i was joined by two of my friends who ran the 42k category. aldrin got himself a finisher's medal, while kuya rodel was not not able to meet the cut off time but still completed it anyway.  it was a rainy sunday race, but it was happiness to the heart.

it took me 3.12 hours to finish.. but it was 3.12 grueling but glorious and happy hours for me. 

i first joined the milo fun run 3 years ago. running for milo is my way of sharing a little piece of myself to other kids. running for milo is making dreams one step closer to many children. running for milo means giving shoes out of hard work, determination, and generous hearts.

i run because it brings me closer to God.
i run to give.
i run to heal. (someday soon).
sa ngayon, iyon muna ang hinahabol ko.



  1. now ko lang na-read to....touched naman ako....special mention ako sa blog mo....Congrats to you!....Do serious training for your upcoming races....