Monday, September 24, 2012


the wind whistles a comforting invitation.
you respond like you're taking in the sweetness of amihan.
you enter a new world again. that which is weird but gives you meaning.
you embrace a state of comfort zone. you again transform in your carefree spirit.
dawn breaks and you part.
you face sunrise and pulls you to retrospect. you dislike it.
your heart whispers its okay. your mind tells otherwise.
you retrospect even more. you start to feel stupid all over for being vulnerable.
you stare at that same ceiling, having that all-too-familiar feeling once more.
you let out a deep and long sigh.
you close your eyes then allow slumber to take you to neverland.
you wake staring at those visions of  the night's face.
you let out a deep and long sigh.
you realize its another day.
you see visions again. you smile. you frown. you feel blessed. you feel stupid.
it will be another 2 or 3 days of roller coaster emotions.
and then you are well again.
welcome to your usual captain barbel cycle.

09242012monday with monday blues

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