Monday, October 22, 2012


its exactly 2 weeks ago when someone asked me how i am doing, and i heard myself saying "im okay. i am happy."

i cried when i realized that after a very long time, it was only on that day that i said "i am happy." those were happy tears of course. finally, i know that my wings are stronger and are ready for its next big flight.

in introspection, i know that i really cannot change things anymore. what i have now is way different with what i used to have. i may have lost some people along the way, but my life would have been colorless if not for them anyway.  i may have not known this side of me if i did not risk and go out of my comfort zone. i may still be afraid of death if i did not see and experience dying.

life will always be a big mystery in many ways. but one thing for sure, what are written in the stars will fall in its place according to the Master's perfect time.

i miss naga. i miss adnu. i miss the people. i miss my nagaMoOn.

but i am happy where i am now.
finally, i have learned to embrace that i am exactly where God wants me to be.

i am teary-eyed now, but yes,
along with this big sigh coming, is my heart and souls' whisper that
i am happy.
i am okay.
i am home.



  1. anong ibig sbihin ng "smiley" mo? haha..

  2. this post is intriguing :0 we can really only be HOME where are heart is :)lols (happy for you to have found it:))

  3. @behindtheseshades.. bakit intriguing you post? haha.. wat were you thinking anyway?...

  4. well each kind of JOY is 'intriguing' :D

  5. hahaha.. ok.. ill take note of that.. each joy is "intriguing"... wooh!!!