Monday, September 26, 2011


after more than a year in this new heaven
after having tried so hard to build new friendships
after avoiding so many things that serve as reminders
after 588 days of dying
after 588 days of still staring at same sky
and after completing a 21k run without thinking of flightless birds and sleeping beauties

here i am, dumbfounded with the truth that nothing has really changed
i still have the same heart, same cut, same beat
i am still that same nikki who hoped that the choice made was not just an option

i am crying with sadness embracing me now
i am also crying with hope that my one day (just one day) will come

just one day



  1. alam mo ate, when i was going through the pain surges of my affliction...

    i also realized that 'my-one-day' is worth everything pala, no matter how far we try to forget pala 'that-one-dya' would always, although sometimes it kill us, on moments like those, it would keep us alive :)

    -thinking aloud.

  2. amen brent.. amen..

    totoo noh, its like a shitty feeling (you know the waiting) pero weird thing is, it also makes you stronger in a magical sense..

    like "my one day", i call it a paradox.. :)

    it will come, i know
    hindi ko man sigurado kung kelan
    i know it will

    for now,
    i can dance whenever my heart tells me to...

    sapat na.. :)

  3. yah. you go dance and i'd continue whatever it is that keeps me walking :)) and smiling :)

  4. teary eyed as i read this.. hmmmm waiting is somewhat painful pero worth it naman :) one day will come soon..