Saturday, September 17, 2011


it's been a month now since we moved in to our new place. from a condo life we are now experiencing how it's like to be in an apartment. although condo life was kinda good (i really love the place because it's very accessible), monthly dues got more expensive. it was for this reason that we decided to look for a new place.

our new place is quite a challenge for us in terms of the distance and time we need to travel to and from work. on the other hand, the apartment looks pretty cute. it has 2 rooms, 2 bathrooms.  it's also newly constructed apartment so we are actually the first tenants of it. here's a peek on my new haven..

we now have a bigger living room.. meaning we can now bring in additional friends. problem is, we still haven't purchased a sala right now, its japanese style seating or, we make use of those small stools which perfectly fits kuya dyllan and princess dynnelle. (hopefully, we'd be able to have our couches before the year ends.. hehe.. :)

here's the staircase going to the second floor.. looks pretty cute, but i also realized this thing only meant more areas for cleaning.. lucky me, i am not in charge of keeping it dirt-free.. :) another thing, having this is also good exercise for me.. although i must admit, when i'm still to sleepy in the morning, i sometimes wish a studio type was way better..

wind beneath my wings :)
we have a small kitchen too. i actually like the cabinets. not so perfect but it will suffice.. :) we got really excited when my youngest sister brought us a fridge (which we did not have in the condo). now i can cook my favorite tuna setti and prepare my tuna spread.. 

here's our laundry area. it's  a lot bigger than the one we had in the condo. i was actually so happy that my sister's boyfriend prepared a sampayan for us. gee... i think that's the one thing i thank heaven for.. that is, giving my sisters wonderful partners..:)

we have two comfort rooms.. it's kinda small though but we're really glad the place got two of this.

here's also a peak of our bedrooms.  i really love that i now have a room (and it's colored yellow-green). i also love the built-in cabinets. view outside the windows are not as magnificent as that of cityland too.. outside my window is no longer the sight of my #manilamoon.. oh well, i'm starting to get use to it. besides, i know too well the picture of my moon, even
heart says, NO TO DUST PLS
with my eyes closed.

i miss cityland already. i miss the good morning and good evening greetings of the security guards.  i miss 7-11 and its crew. i miss st. francis church. i miss the elevator. i miss the swimming pool. i just miss everything...

but then, i believe this new place will bring me good memories too.  i think i better start gathering happy memories now..



  1. ang kewl baga ate, ang saya nung hagdan, hehe surely you'll be much happy staying there. *HUGS* :)))

  2. cute baga ate ng new place nyo. sana makapunta ako dyan soon. hehehe.

    really, cute ang place.

  3. @juan nicolas,oo cute ang hagdan tingnan.. but im not a fan.. hehe.. i hate it really in the morning pag bagong gising ako.. kakatamad...

    @shexplanation... sige.. pag napunta ka manila, you can stay...

    @urban miss.. move in? ooh, we are still open for one person.. hehe...

  4. nice place you got theere :) cozy :))
    japanesse huh :))

    :) wish i can give this place a visit soon :)) realy really soon :)