Wednesday, December 7, 2011


i don't know if it's this december air that's making me all emotional lately.  i guess the cold night has its way of enveloping me and it sends me too deep sighs and engages me to look into my deepest thoughts.  all suddenly i long more and more for my friends back home.  i know i just miss everyone so much.  i miss being around people i can really talk to.  people i can talk to about everything... from the latest tsismis up to the wonders, philosophies and awes of life.. from whimps and dorks up to the most valued people in our lives.. i also miss those times of being together even in silence..

and yes, i miss the beautiful LuNa even more..




  1. i miss you ate.
    uwi ka ba?

    nalungkot naman ako bigla sa post na 'to.
    wish you're here with us.

  2. @shexplanation.. only now that i read it.. yah.. there are just really days when i miss people back there.. thats why i was so glad to have spent time with all of you during the holidays.. :)