Saturday, December 3, 2011


my sisters introduced me to a video from youtube showing coca-cola's happiness project in celebration of its 125th year.  instantly i fell in love with the video and started watching similar videos from different countries.  as usual, i had happy tears watching the videos.  it was really fun watching people all over the world having fun and experiencing happiness in simple but genuine ways.

i love coca-cola more and more for this. here are my top three favorite coca-cola happiness videos.  you can check youtube for more.  enjoy the videos and share the happiness too.. :)

topping the list is of course coca-cola happiness truck in the Philippines..

second on the list is coca-cola happiness store.. (country not specified)

on third is coca-cola happiness machine in london..

in this season of the year and in this time when there are so many sad things going on around the world, i give praise to the minds and hearts behind this project.  it is with these types of projects i feel that there are a lot of things we can do to make others (and the world) a better place. projects, small or ambitious, will always be possible because of people who are willing to go an extra mile to share happiness.

it is also in this hope, that through this project, people will be inspired to get more involved with their communities, reach out, make a difference, and give back for the blessings received.

i love you coca-cola.

question now is, how do we also share own version of the happiness machine?


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