Sunday, October 24, 2010


the second run was for the grace to become hopelessly optimistic and to allow God (the king of the road) to (seriously, with my open heart) take the wheel..
i was afraid i'd fail to join the race because Coach could not make it.  good thing that last minute i was able to reach Pilosopong Komikero to join me.  besides, the registration was already paid and the kit was ready for use.

after almost two weeks of no run, i was happy to make it to ultra yesterday to have a quick warm up.  although it should have been rest day for me to prepare for the race, i still decided to have a few rounds  at the oval.  after awhile, rain started to fall.  since i was not yet satisfied with the warm up, i decided to continue running under the rain.  it actually felt good.  interestingly, music playing when the rain started to pour was please don't stop the rain by james morrison.  after a few rounds, i decided to stop for fear of getting sick and not making it to the race afterall.  haha.. it was just then that i realized that beside me doing his stretching was actor polo raveles, together with his brother and probably, his girlfriend. anyway...

the day of the marathon came.  yey.. Pilosopong Komikero and I should have been awardees of being early birds. i don't know if we were just too excited that we even came way earlier than many of the organizers.  haha.. it was really funny.. he was running for the 10k category so his gunstart came earlier than ours. for the 5k runners (the hardcore runners they say :) ) followed after an interval of maybe 15 minutes.

i was hoping i'd beat my previous record. monitoring my pace and time, i knew the difference would not be significant.  i reached the finish line with OMG, wesley gonzalez 3 steps ahead of me.  time read.. 38 minutes.. it is just a minute lower than my previous.. but still the same, the run really felt good.. thank God i reached the finish line.

hmm.. i must say it was really another achievement for me.  i must say i really enjoyed the run even if it was running in the category without a friend along. i must still say, i am proud of myself. :)

after the run, Pilosopong Komikero and i decided to stay for awhile and to watch the program.  robbie domingo came up the stage and Pilosopong Komikero was laughing out loud to see my face turned all-red.. haha.. i really did not understand why, but my heart was jumping to see him  (he passed by me during the race)..well, just another simple joy.. and then of course, there was coach rio de la cruz and chris tiu.. hay.. just really a beautiful sunday to embrace.. just too bad the camera went off earlier than we expected, so, bad news... no pictures with them.. bottomline.. it is still another sunday i celebrate..

running target time was not met, but another achievement on my m-list (RFID result 37:59).. i know i will still have my chances..

we went home and decided to spend the hour before lunch on swimming.. water was cold, but the chance to give the heart another form of breathing was a gift..

for now, one cup of rice for the run, and another cup of rice for the swim.. with 3 pieces of tinapa and sunny-side-up egg.. closing it with buko pie for desert and text messages to my sweet peas..

next race is on nov 7... bluerun here i come..



  1. Maraming salamat sa imbeta! Gumawa rin ako ng kwento tungkol sa nangyari kahapon. :)

  2. what a beautiful sunday for you t'MYA :)

    hope to join the both of you sa mga darating na pagtakbo. dami artista ha. hmm...

    doing better ate, 10km is next on line. hehehe

  3. @pilosopong komikero..

    nabasa ko nga.. kakatuwang basahin.. walang anuman.. hanggang sa susunod nating takbo..


    twas a gud sunday nga.. hihintayin ko ang araw na makasama din kita... kahit 3k lang..