Friday, April 1, 2011


Iris Denise & Violet 1.jpg by phongle"ate pangadyi mo man pls na ok ang weather, walang injury at mag enjoy sa run 2mro. benjie, long and bro eguy wil take turns running with him. cheerer nd photographer kmi ni felix" - heartbeats-
(BroBong running80k)

i was teary eyed (what's new?) when i read this text from heartbeats. its just so nice to know how friends can be ever willing to go out of their way to extend their support to fulfill a freind's dream. really nice. really beautiful.

i thank God for this, i thank God for angels on running shoes..

one day, i hope to see us all running together,  and for each other..



  1. haaay XD... miss you ate.XD hope to see you soon..hahahXD, nakakatouch man neu.hahah

  2. thank you for this blog entry
    (i got teary eyed too upon reading this)
    the 80km run was really great
    even better to think that there was you praying for us as we run.
    best because he rank 9th overall (beating many world class runners)
    4 na araw na lang!

  3. @matangMulat.. i miss you too.. and i really miss this crazy bunch of road runners and life lovers..

    @heartbeats.. know what, i was really so proud of all of you.. every update mo, i share sa officemate ko (like they care sa mga sinasabi ko, haha).. texted the 9th placer and told him to put me sa list ng fans niya.. he agreed since konti palang daw.. haha.. read you recent blog, was teary eyed too.. seemed so fast no.. two years na pala.. hai.. niwei, we'll make sure sagada trip will be a blast.. sayang, di tayo kumpleto.. see you soon :)