Tuesday, April 19, 2011


cried myself to sleep last night because of so much fear on what may happen to me this day. an addition to those fears were loneliness striking big time again.. hai, shit really happens big time huh...

i brought to dreamland with me the positive words of little angels back home, plus those of my sisters and friends here. i whispered-shout my prayers last night, begging for kind hearts to rule today.. surprisingly, after realizing i woke up this morning, i saw myself frowning for waking up (sorry God, not that i don't want to wake up anymore, you know i was just really scared this morning).

at lunch today i received a text which says 

manila moon at st. francis st.
don't be totally heavily worried about everything going wrong around you, that's my job.
- God-

i don't usually read forwarded messages, but i was glad i read the message this time.

to make the day's story short, my immediate bosses were so supportive of me and "as usual" got my back for the lapse i have done again. and for my big boss, she smiled at me after learning what i did wrong again.

i was really surprised by her reaction, no hurting words came out; no reprimand. just a smile and a joke.
after the encounter, i went to the lady's room and cried happy and grateful tears. i was crying hard because i was so happy and thankful to God.

kind hearts ruled today. compassion poured like rain too. 
it is another humbling experience for me. it is another showcase of His love for me.

if i may put it,

magsisimula pa lang nga ang passion ni Jesus, nasa resurrection na ako agad.

see how God's love work? 
with this i bring to prayer that i get to know Him more each day, and that i become a better person for His greater glory. teach me to love without conditions Lord God, and that i find peace in loving just because. 

power and magic combined :)

thank you God for beautiful souls around me.
thank you, really. :)

(in full humility and gratefulness)


  1. hey hey hey. magbasa ka lagi ng rules. hahaha

  2. YES! happy TIUSday indeed! >:D<

    ps: parang naku-kyutan na tuloy ako sa big boss mo ate. hehe :P

  3. I love you ate Nikki:) God truly loves us:) Let us find happiness in every loneliness we feel.. stay Beautiful:)God bless you always:)

  4. @rexstatic.. haha.. alam ko naman ang rules.. careless nga lang.. hehe.. was actually wondrin what rule ill break the next time around.. guess if that happens, ill be making my resignation letter na.. hehe..

    @mariajuana.. well, shes actually sweet naman talaga pag good mood sya.. hehe.. when shes not, its a totally different story.. wooohhh!

    @addicted2love.. yes, if theres a word that is more than LOVE, that what God has pa for us.. find happiness in everyloneliness? yah, its called grace.. i wish you well.. i hope you are ok.. if not, sige lang.. prayers help a lot.. stay beautiful as well (in and out).. eat. pray.love. and cry if you must. then believe in love again.

    hugs to everyone. :)