Wednesday, April 20, 2011


because gnomeo and juliet being 3D was so expensive, we opted to do timezone.. FAIR DEAL! because all is fair in HAVING FUN!! 

PK and babyDynelle playing sleep time with magic.

up up up and away with tinker bell and the powerpuffgirls! (sorry baby, you don't have vcd at home so we can't buy this) hehehe.. 

merry-oh-go-round ride! (not the purple horse please!)

sige baby, play as if its working.. yeyeyey!

i so love this game.. and the music too! :)

PK with mommy dotie... rockstars wannabee..

what's on your mind MYA? :)

first time to play this.. this arrow down pad isn't working.. i kept receiving a BOO comment.. damn!!

see that form and ball?? got to have a good score to add on to Baby's points.. shoot that ball!

too bad/sad that BabyDylan isn't with us now? :(

givng RIO a BigHUG :)

truth is, timezone time is always for BabyDynelle and Baby Dylan, but double truth is, i think the baby sitters wants this time as much as they do.. hehe.. :)

check out more pics at

(see, its a happy wednesday)


here's my new favorite, plato wrap's chunky chicken, tekkiyakiudon's garlic chicken, ice cold mountain dew, and silver chopsticks.. the best food to eat when you just lost a loaded timezone powercard!!


  1. ang saya ko habang binabasa ko 'to pero biglang nanghinayang ako sa timezone powercard! gaaahd. haha:)) anyway, happy wednesday pa rin!:D

    madungis pa rin tingnan si kuya marshal :P

  2. haha.. i really love timezones times.. hehe.. bout marshee, oo nga noh?? haha.. pero love sya ni dynelle.. haha..

  3. hhhehe, ang adik ng mga pictures :)) kakaingit :))
    timezone times are fun talga, halata eh :))

    yung comment ni jaycee bout marshee, bago ba yun, hhhehe peaceout :)

  4. @brent tzu.. haha.. mukha bang addict? ok lang yun, masaya naman.. yung kay marshee.. hehe.. hayaan mo na.. :)

  5. cute naman basahin nito, alalo na with the pictures. sarap maging bata ulit, pero pwede rin talaga natin maEnjoy timezone even matanda na tayo. hahaha

    oo nga noh, kahit nung nakita ko si kuya marshee, mukhang madungis pa din. hahaha

    peace PK, thanks sa DQ treat :)

  6. @simplixiety.. sayang di tayo nakapag timezone nung nandito ka.. you should try playing teknika.. ang galing talaga.. hehe..