Saturday, November 26, 2011


Seth came to manila last sunday from his cdo trip.. of course, having him around also meant watching pba especially that it's his team (bmeg) playing.. bmeg played against ginkings.. and although Pilosopong Komikero and i are not really ginking fans, we cheered our hearts out for the team just so we can also go against Seth (friends you call huh? haha)

i was also excited to see two of my favorite players.. #14 ren ritualo (shopinas) and #14 enrico villanueva (ginkings).. God, it was a #14 sunday...

it was a good game.. i bet Seth got nervous that his team's gonna end up losing again.. good thing heaven was on their side that night.. and although i was so tired and sleepy because of the pasig run i had during the morning, every second was worth spending with these two freaks..

it was indeed a great sunday... im so happy to see you again @Seth.. and i am sure Pilosopong Komikero is happier too.. :)

happy birthday! ily.


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  1. Salamat din sa unforgettable sunday! :D