Wednesday, November 2, 2011


just when i thought 2011 will come to end without having to spend time with two of my favorite persons on earth, finally, it's one wish down from my bucketlist.

whether one sees this as big deal or not, for me, this is simply happiness to the core.
whether its just for a short while or a whole day, this can be my 366 days.
and whether he's back or not, this still means the whole world to me.

para kay lei,
thank you for the patience. because just when nearly everyone thought i better give up; and just when nearly everyone thought my hair would turn out to be like rapunzel's, you stuck around with me. patiently believing and also waiting for that day that we, three, would be together again to attend mass and eat (just like the old times).  thank you, because i know, that you being happy to see us all together, is happier to see that i am complete again.

para kay RuSs,
big deal or not, thank you from the bottom of my heart. heaven knows its one prayer answered. and for that i will always be thankful.  i know that some things may not be the same anymore, but for the most part, my friendship will always remain.

i am glad i waited.
i am happy i hoped.
and i am grateful because i am truly blessed.

thank you heaven.
(i'll always be, the lucky one)



  1. i said 'FUCK' the moment i saw the updates on fb :))

    this really is an answered prayed :))

    hahahhahahahahahpeee for you ate :)

  2. @behindtheshades... grabe naman ang expression! nawindang ako!... toinks!