Monday, November 21, 2011


after nearly 3 weeks of no running (got really sick for a week), i decided to push through with the run for pasig. although i was not psyched up with the activity, i thought that it was a good idea to continue with it. besides, it also meant running with another new set of friends.

going to the start up line was really difficult.  we got caught in traffic and we needed to walk for almost 2km to reach the starting line.  i got really pissed off.  i even had thoughts of not participating anymore.  i just felt that it wasn't too organized.

it was almost gunstart when we reached the mark.  there was so much people and it was too crowded.  i guess i did not expect such a crowd (ang toinks ko talaga!). i was quite fixed on the thought that i'll just be walking throughout the duration.  my only consolation was seeing that my friends were excited about it and are eager to finish it as fast as they can.

i ran the course when i felt like running.  i was not too in a hurry to finish it.  i even had the luxury to watch performances of bands on the sides of the streets, and also bought myself twin pops.  i also had times to check on the faces of the ms earth candidates who were swooned in by runners for photo ops. there was just too much going on around.

it was actually my longest 5k run.  it took me 1.10hrs to finish (ooohhh, that's bad!).  but then again, i still had fun after seeing my friends happy with their accomplishment. most were having their first experience in long distance running.  with that, i cannot be more happy knowing that i am meeting more people who are into running.  that in itself is putting smiles on my face.

the run for pasig hopes to help in the restoration of the pasig river (well, hopefully the run did not only mean beating the world record for having the highest number of participants). i still hope that every penny out would really benefit the river, the people, and entire community.  i believe after all that more people working, means many chances of living better.

two more i have to add... i fulfilled my dream of running along roxas blvd.. and of course, my manilaMoon was around to run with me again.


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