Wednesday, November 2, 2011


have you been caught in a conversation with kids and you suddenly find yourself dumbfounded because you don't know how to respond to their questions? it's really cute, but at the same time, you'll find yourself worrying in the end.. worrying if you got the right message across.. haha.. here's two recent examples:

tita nikki, how long is one minute? 
it's like counting 1 to 60.
so, is that long or short?
let me see, it can be both. it can be short for kids like you who are tooooo excited to play na. and it can also be loooong like forever for a person who wants a hug from a friend she misses.
so, it is long and short?
(laughing).. sige ganito na lang... let's count 1 to 60 together... then you tell me if it's long or short.. ok?
go.. 1 2 3 ...... 60.. so, is it long or short?
i don't know, i think it can be both..

tita nikki, my classmate told me that promises are meant to be broken. so she said we should not make promises anymore.  is that true?
ahh.. can you get me a glass of water baby..i'll answer you when you come back.. (watda!)..
here tita.. so tita, we should not make promises anymore?
ganito kasi yun.. promises should be kept true to your heart.. a promise is a promise.. we try our very best to keep our promises. but, there are times when things change.  and because some things change, some promises are broken.
but that's sad. i don't get it.
yes it is. but you see, people who break their promises don't really do them on purpose. some things just really change. put this in mind, we make promises because we mean it. we try our best and we keep those promises. if a promise is broken, we will just hope that it's for the better.
can you give me an example.
(geez.. nosebleed... bar exam).. wait baby ah.. tita will think of an example.. (after nearly 5 mins)... ok, here's an example.. there was a time when your daddy promised you that you can play outside with your friends kasi ginawa mo assignment mo.. pero di ba it rained that afternoon.. tapos your friends were playing in the rain while you were asked to stay inside.. you cried so hard because you also wanted to play.. parang ganun, daddy promised but did not keep his promise kasi kung pinayagan ka nyang maglaro sa ulan, baka nagkasakit ka. parang ganun. did you get my example?
ah, yes tita. i understand now.

i remember a show before called kids say the darnest things.. i cannot help but think of that show as i was trying to come up with the answers to her questions.  ohh, hopefully i made sense..

on the other hand, i also started to think after..
how long is one minute? and, are promises really made to be broken?

now, you tell me.. 



  1. same as your answer. it depends. ;(

  2. imo promises aren't meant to be broken. if a someone really means it when he/she promises, and then he/she accomplishes that promise, it's enough proof to disprove that notion.

  3. also, amazing convo. children's innocence can truly dive even through the depths of the ocean.

  4. two things. i think promises should still me made - and kept, no matter what (though i get the 'kasi umulan' context) and i think time should not be counted, I hate clocks for that role.