Monday, November 14, 2011


its been almost 6 months now since i started to long for a copy of the books.  it was not because they were out of stock that kept me from having a copy of it.  i just did not have it on my budget the past months.  and then finally, it was reading zone again..

i must say that the hunger games series by suzanne collins is remarkably violent, wickedly crazy, but with lots of humor and heart/love too.  i specially love the first two books hunger games and catching fire.  i also have to admit that i was a bit disappointed with the third book mockingjay.  probably because i found the third book a bit slow in its pacing and the plot was not too exciting.  or maybe, i was also expecting too much from the last book. either way, next to tuesdays with morie, there is still no other book that brought out too much tears from me.  the series hold a different kind of magic that im sure readers would love.  over all, it gives you a different kind of thrill and adventure, at the same time reminding us that love and hope (like dandelions promising many summer times) always work in the end.  



my sister asked me about my favorite character, and right away i told her its peeta mellark.  i guess i won't be a singled-out fan.  peeta's character is so much lovable in the book (although i am also a finnick fan and gale is gale, and katniss is the mockingjay).  but over and above anything else, it's with the way katniss always saw peeta's eyes. i guess, it's the feeling of peace i always felt everytime katniss would talk about his eyes.  it also had a way of just making me smile.

without a miss.

may the odds be ever in your favor


  1. nabasa mo na ba yung Marley and Me ni John Grogan?? nakaka-iyak din yun.. atleast for me.. :)

  2. I find most parts of the three books predictable. Still, it's an interesting trilogy.