Sunday, September 19, 2010


Maputlang Seraphim broke a rule the other night by sharing some details about home. he was insisting that a bird cannot continue flying unless its wounded wings are totally healed. and part of the healing is venturing with the past that caused the broken wings.

he was saying the same things that Seth told me even before i left.

of course i know that. of course i acknowledge that.
only that i chose to do it otherwise.

as what i have said during the send off.. i realized that sometimes one needs to stop fighting for something she holds too close to her heart.. and in doing so, it doesnt mean turning its back on it or giving up on it.. sometimes, just stopping to fight for it only means wanting to give the self the best possible gentleness it deserves.. the peace it deserves..

i admit that i am still in the process of weaving my peace..
of putting up myself again..
of leaving things behind..
and breaking free..
and i admit too,
that i was tempted to ask a question,
and click the mouse for details..

but i am even prouder that i didnt..

i can afford another stop over..
or even manage to get stranded from time to time..
but not a relapse..
or even worst, not a u-turn..

you cannot go back Mya..
youve got to keep running.. and running..
theres no turning back anymore..
eyes on the finish line..



  1. hmm... FOCUS.
    focus.. Focus.. hay naku. wala akong masabi.. sometimes we are not so sure of where we are going... a stop over, makes us think otherwise... however, once we started doing one thing, we tend to love it... we do it as long as we want to...
    maya, fly to where you really want to go, but try to remember that there are trees to rest on and think over of things.

    mwaah.. we loye you.

  2. oh man, too many names, i can't keep

  3. @matangmulat.. ang ganda ng payo.. dont worry, i know that there are trees around kaya nga ok lang ang stop overs.. pero talaga, di ko kakayanin ang relapse at u-turn.. that would be too bobo of me..

    @rexstatic.. ah, sabagay bago ka dito.. when i started blogging, i told the people who knew about my site na i would only be using codes..actually, marami na din silang nahulaan sa mga characters ko.. ikaw, di mo ba nahanap name mo sa mga kwento ko?

    tsaka, di naman mahalaga kung sino sila di ba.. its the story that counts.. hehe..

  4. and it keeps the story exciting. yeah i found mine. do i get a cookie as a prize? ^_^

  5. @rexstatic..
    haha.. don't worry, bago mag christmas kunin ko mga hula niyo. and the winner will get more than just a cookie. hehe.. missing you rexy..