Thursday, September 16, 2010


Big Red Couch Set 1 (3 of 5) by DaveAustria.comei viayang.. how about singing with me..

im coming out (home na lang)
i want the world to know
gotta let it show...

im coming home..



  1. im singing (with a happy heart) with you, maya .

    at sunrise yesterday, while seated on the sides of the training field, eating banana, drinking water and cheering for another friend who was competing his 4hr run; a friend told me-- mas masaya sana kung may makakasabay ka sa sunday..

    with smiles i told him--don't worry about me, may kasama ako..

    6 days to go.

  2. ahh... oo nga, mas masaya kung may makakasama ka sa sunday..

    would you want me to go along?
    i would love to stand at the starting point with you... or, either you wait or i wait for you at the finish line.. tapos, we can all wait for the jam for dessert..

    what would it be ba?

  3. masayang tumakbo kapag kasam ang mga taong mahalaga sa'yo.
    sana nasa finish line ako sa linggong yan, kasama ang waterboy/photographer.

  4. @simplixiety..

    i am happy to see you at the finish line.. really.. i hope you know i was happy that sunday morning.. happy to be sharing those times with you.. hugs..