Monday, September 27, 2010


it was my first official run dedicated to Ori.

i was a bit worried that i would not be able to have a good run. almost a week of having my feet rested gave me the feeling that i wont be in good condition on my most awaited day. i woke up early. i was glad that i still managed to sleep with the presence of high emotions inside me.

the day greeted me with the sweet scent of early morning air. i think that the moon was also willing to witness my run. i can only project a half-hearted smile for it..

while waiting for the gun shot, i was starting to feel excited that i would be running with friends. college friends whom i treasure very closely to my heart. i was glad to be having this run with  Ms. Yani and Only Rose.  i was even more excited to be running with Via Yang. Coach Aquaman, Trusting Heart, and Frosty were running for the 10k.  Wandering Air  was, on the other hand, ever ready to push himself for the 42k. 

the shot was heard, and then i stated to let go of my feet. i was listening intently to my breathing and my heartbeat.  i have to reach my goal for the race. but most importantly, i must finish the race with victory and genuine smile.. this is after all for someone very close to my heart..

i was also excited to see Free Spirit and Dancing Shoes at the finish line.  i know that they too will rejoice with me as i finish this race.  it was like running for home.. it was like going faster to reach home..

i got lost of sight with my running mates at some points of the race, but i never felt alone. probably because i know that they were just somewhere, and that at the end of the race, i will still be seeing them.. either i will do the waiting for them, or they will all do the waiting for me..

it was also a surprise seeing Matamis na mansanas joining the 3k category. it added to the joy i was embracing. aside from seeing a lot of celebrities reached their finish line, i felt that my heart was in full smile after the race. i was not really sure why, but i knew that i was really happy. my heart was really jumping for joy. i was proud of myself for reaching the end line. i was proud to say, i was one with my heart and soul again..

i was aiming to finish the race in 30 minutes.. i failed to reach that goal. but i am happy that i was able to break my past running record by almost 80 percent.  i finished the race in 40:29:09.. a very big improvement i must say..

Heartbeats celebrated when she heard me say that i am happy.  i also hope i will be able to sustain the feeling.  (Bigsigh).. if marathons can really make me happy, i wont be scared to run all my life for it..

i ran with the sight of the moon.
i reached the finish line still with the sight of the moon.
but for the bottomline, 
we waited for Wandering Air and went home with the sun.

thank you guys for sticking around..