Tuesday, September 21, 2010


i was having my usual me-myself-and-i lunch when i suddenly received a text from Smiling Eyes..

i was on the stage of moving on, i was discarding everything that reminds me of my past,
though its heavy in my heart but i need to submit myself to the idea of living a separate life apart from the one i love.
days, weeks passed and i was able to manage being away, living on my own,
but when i say the one i love with someone new, i broke down to tears and suddenly i realized,
yes, ive moved on... but i guess i forgot to let go.

i knew what he meant with every word he wrote.
i can only let go of a big sigh.
and then another.
and then again,
my finger started to scribble forever.
here i go again..
another stop over.



  1. as you always say...MOVING ON and LETTING GO are not the same thing.

    but sometimes being apart from people we love doesn't make us love them any less, instead it make us Love them MORE.

    though i don't know how it feels but i guess it really complicates, like when you decide to move on and let go it involves being apart from that person, still there's this thing of loving them more while you decide to stay away..it's a 50-50 chances; to build a new sandCASTLE or make the sandCASTLE even more tougher.

    am i making sense..lol

  2. i think kilala ko na si Anonymous, hmm. LOLs

  3. Oh really?
    Who am I then, Brent?

  4. @anonymous..
    i hate to tell this, but it makes a lot of sense.. truth is, that's the feeling i dont want to carry with me.. yung situation na you left everything and everyone na nga, pero the love doesn't change at all.

    i heard a friend over the weekend telling me na he is currently in the state of loving without conditions.. i really loved the sound of it.. i hope i can say that too.. with open heart..

    50-50 chances.. true.. and i bet everything on those chances.. sandCASTLES may be built over and over.. they can also be washed away by the waters.. but then again, either standing or washed out, memories actually remain..

    sometimes, that is the sad part..

    hindi iisang mukha si anonymous..

    minsan feeling ko si Wisdom Tooth yun... minsan si Berdeng Ibon.. minsan naman, di ko tlaga kilala kung sino..

    either way.. i am happy they know my story.. because over and above anything else, i know they are my friends.. friends patiently (or maybe not anymore) waiting for my full laugh again..