Sunday, September 12, 2010


i was on my way to shangrila to check out a schedule of an addidas event. as i was walking, i heard a familiar song playing. i started to locate the source of the music playing. at the far end of the street, there i saw a blind man with his guitar playing sweet music. its the common sight we see on the streets, or on footbridges.  blind men with their guitars, singing with their cans that says donation for the blind. i walked faster.  for no particular reason, i just wanted to be near the man singing and listen to him. as i came nearer, he started to sing his next song.

standing on his left side, i started to flash my biggest smile.. abot hanggang tenga.. it was as if i just heard the sweetest music in my life.. believe it or not, i started to sing along.. and believe or not, i didnt mind the people around me.. some even smiled after noticing that i was singing with him..

i pulled off some coins, dropped it inside the can, and left with a happy heart..

i was smiling.. and i realized.. it is friday..
tomorrow will be saturday again..

sing with me now..

happy bird...

pag-ibig ko sa iyo'y totoo
ni walang halong biro
kaya sana'y paniwalaan mo
ang pag-ibig kong ito

walang ibang mamahalin
kundi ikaw lamang giliw
kaya sana'y paniwalaan mo
ang pag-ibig kong ito
sa aking buhay
ay walang kapantay
aking pagmamahal
asahan mong tunay
kaya sana'y paniwalaan mo
ang pag-ibig kong ito


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