Monday, September 6, 2010


after hearing sunday mass at the mall alone (i really am not sure if i heard the mass, my mind had its usual drift again), i decided to watch and listen to this old man playing the grand piano at the ground floor. the music took me to memory lane again. darn! memory lane is equal to pain. i remember Berdeng Ibon during our lunchdate last saturday..

Mya: halata bang maga ang mata ko?
Berdent Ibon: oo, bakit, umiyak ka na naman? Bakit ka na naman umiyak? yung dati na naman?
Mya: oo.. eh bigla na naman akong nalungkot kagabi.. kaya iyon..
Berdeng Ibon: di mo ba alam na ikaw lang ang talo sa kakaiyak mo?
May: oo, alam ko.. kaso ganun eh..

i continued to watch and listen to his music.. at some points i would smile.. imagining that i am slow-dancing with the music..
the feeling was great..

then after around 30 minutes of the sound of music, i decided to go for my run..

the oval had new faces around.. there were koreans playing soccer at the field.. then there were of course the usual runners..

after finishing my warm ups, i took my first round..
and there i notice this big-boned lady.. big-boned but really looked sexy and fit..

on the second round, i finally realized who she was..
theres enkantadias reyna amihan - ms. iza calzado..

she was with her trainor.. and she really runs fast..
shes probably preparing for the cam sur international summit marathon. i heard shes joining the 10k race category with maricar reyes..

hmm.. she did stepped aside when i passed by her lane while she was resting..
pretty girl.. pretty ms. iza..


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