Friday, September 3, 2010


my big boss asked me and my pretty boss to attend an event. it was an event organized by a universitys education department and placement office. they had invited three speakers, teachers by profession.  all three speakers have very exceptional backgrounds. the first one (representing the pre-school) graduated summa cum laude at the university of the philippines. apart from this, she also has a very good singing voice. representing the highschool level was a guy who was raised in the u.s by filipino parents, but then decided to teach religion in the philippines; also graduated summa cum laude. the third speaker is a well known individual in the broadcast, tv/radio and advertising industry.  known to his students because of his uncanny personality, he is, believe it or not, very passionate to teaching.

the event hopes to encourage students to go into teaching, whether its with kids who may pee on your pants, or highschool boys who can be your woes, or college teens wholl get to challenge you because of their wits and even their charms. each speaker had their own stories to tell. but the bottomline was.. teaching is still the greatest profession and that.. you dont go into teaching if you want to get rich.

there are some points that again brought me to my mmm-ahhh-woah-world.. let me lift some of them for you..
teaching is the best way to give up your blessings.
life is about getting lost and commiting mistakes (well, i dont agree with the committing mistakes entry beyondPERMANENCE )
gradschool is a great humbling experience.
there is what we call soft love and tough love.

i need not share their thoughts about the points i lifted. i just found a lot of sense in those lines. aside from that, it also allowed me to recall my school days, and go back to my experiences with my teachers.

i just realized, that really, every great and successful person has a teacher in the background. we have met john keating in dead poets society; mr. eugene simonet  in pay it forward; erin gruwell in freedom writers; katherine watson in mona lisa smile; coach carter in coach carter; morrie in mitch alboms life; and even mr. miyagi in a lot of karate kid movies. all these stories brought movie-goers teary eyed because of the way they touched the lifes of their students. how they made that big difference.

i have a lot of teacher stories to tell. but i hate to admit and say that Gurung R was the only one who allowed me to push myself to greater heights. i think ill have another blog about the rest of the teachers in my life...

who is your greatest teacher?
id say, we are blessed if we have one who made us soar higher..

a teacher once said..
i can do a lot of things.. i can make a C feel like its the greatest crowning glory, and an A- a big slap on the face..

see how teachers can make us feel differently different?




  1. aray ko ate yellowcab.
    palagay mo ganun lang ba talaga yun kung bakit ako nahihirapan na...
    kung bakit parang feeling ko, lahat gusto nyang alisin sakin?
    o kya naman paginitin ang ulo ko?
    ang kapal ko no anko ang umiinit ang ulo sa kanila..hahahah

    anyways ate, we can always be a teacher in our very own little way...

    tulad mo...

    your one of my teacher...counselor... friend... and ate.

    miss yah.

  2. @matangmulat..

    weh.. echos..
    inaway mo nga ako eh..


  3. @rexstatic..

    yap.. gurung R..
    gurung rufino..