Monday, January 3, 2011


i was going through my old stuff and i stepped upon scribbles i made for a love rendezvous 2010 endless love  video (we did not use this write up because the other one was way better)..

i sing this song to you
for 101 reasons
or simply just because..

i never asked  God for  you, but all roads led me to find you
i was doing well, things were all planned out, when suddenly you came
you were not part of the plan, you were the unexpected
i had all the reasons to say no to love 
i had all the reasons to stop believing in love
but you were reason enough for me to turn back 
and believe in magic again
you were reason enough to say yes to beyond and more

kneeling here before God,
my heart and soul shout..

in times of plenty and in times of none
in  a hundred years of sorrow and boundless happiness
in sickness and in health
in kept promises and broken vows
in good hair days and shitty ones
i vow to love you with all my heart and soul
my bestest bestfriend, my lover, my partner
my worst enemy, my all
i will love you forever and more
i will love you forever and beyond

everything i know of love
i know because of you
thank you for coming into my life

when everyone else believed that 
one cannot have everything,
your coming proved it wrong

thank you for beyond beyond

i love you
i always will

red is  the color of  my love
my endless love


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