Sunday, January 16, 2011


today was a sad day..
i spend most of my day crying again..
i committed a big mistake which hurt my parents,
it should have hurt my sisters too (only that my parents chose not to tell them anymore)

i just realized how much they really love me, lalo na ni papa..
i really messed up..
but with what happened, it brought me to realize more and more how blessed i am to have them.

and in thanking God for them,
i will make sure to make everyday a day of letting people important to me
know how much i value them..

that no matter what the odds are,
ill keep letting you know i count you as gifts from heaven..

thank you.. from the bottom of my heart..



  1. sunday was quite sad for me as well.

    hope you're okay now ate.
    hope you're happy despite what's happening.

    thank you po sa text mo kagabi.
    hugs :)

  2. @simplixiety.. i hope you're ok as well.. hugs..

    @brentzu.. sabi mo nga,SORRY, HEALS ALL PAIN.. i finally said it.. i can say sorry everyday of my life.. but its a closed book now.. life moves on.. ill move on, for papa, mama, and my sisters.. :) hugs..