Saturday, January 22, 2011


Pilosopong Komikero and i were in the lrt yesterday on our way home when we were happily saying those words.. YES! t.g.i.f. and i added, s.t.g.i.s. na bukas.. we were laughing our hearts out and started to create our new abbreviations dictionary.. it was really fun.. i had a tiring day yesterday, but its good to note that the entire week is turning out simply perfect.. 

before Pilosopong Komikero releases his first edition of his fun words, let me share to you some of mine which i have been using (through texts or on my me-myself-i-world) when i came here sa bagong langit.. 

e.k.t.n - engot ka talaga mya!
g.p.k.b - gee, patay kay bosing
g.n.e - god naman eh
h.a.i - hai..
h.a.i.(pouting) - sige na nga, bukas na lang uli..
h.m.p - lagi na lang busy,busy na lang lagi; ewan ko sayo; 
h.u.g.s - my sweetpeas
h.w.y - happy wednesday, yey
i.l.y - i love you
i.m.y - i miss you
i.s.y - (secret)
p.s.n.o - pak shit naman oh!
p.v.m - positive vibes marshee (bago lang ito)
q.r - quite right
q.w - quite wrong
s.c.k - si chubs kasi (bago din ito)
s.h.a.i - super hai..
s.p - simply perfect

s.t.g.i.s - super thank god its sabado
t.g.i.f - thank god its friday (duh! like its new huh?)

g.r.s.c. - di mo na talaga ako kakausapin forever?
g.r.s.c. - as in hindi na talaga?

seems nonsense but its part of my world right now.. happy weekend everyone!!

(perfect sabado, PK and i went for a run at the ultra, and saw two happy souls [from home] at the mall)