Friday, January 28, 2011


i am a great fan of cooking shows.. from iron chef to master chef.. from katoque, quickfire, favorite recipes, and even daddylicious.. recently, i have been to hooked up with my latest favorite reality cook show.. junior master chef australia.. God, i really love watching those kids cook their hearts out.. i have watched the entire season for the 5th time around.. funny that i often times have tears in my eyes because of happiness.. i just so love to watch them.. i really feel good everytime i see these little angels.. meet them and watch the entire season.. it's guaranteed feel-good-to-watch-show..

episode 4 part 1 - meet the top 12.. my favorites: little nicholas and pierre from new south wales, sofia from queensland, jack from tasmania, and siena... oh well, i love them all actually..

012811friday (t.g.i.f)

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