Wednesday, January 5, 2011


my december homecoming wasn't all bad and sad.. i also had a couple of happy times of course.. it was a short vacation but it also seemed too long for a super scared bird to go out of its cage (spent the holidays practically locked up inside the house).. but because i am happy today (yes because its wednesday) let me post some of the happy december memories for 2010..

it was not an inverted christmas tree (although it should have been better if it was made that way).. nonetheless, it was a white christmas (okay na rin..)..

mama's homecooking (nothing beats it!)..

lunch out at tribo grill with the bunch of latecomers pero mahal ko pa rin.. (no pictures please..)..

starbucks with kidos..

went to mass with my left man..

run for the greater glory of God (yey, 27 minutes - bawal mag react and bolang de kanto - ) really really happy to be running alongside you.. 

darn, i could have done way better if not with that side stitch thing.. - just another 5k,and 10k here i come..).. beautiful singlet ey..

joy ride with Pusong Matapang one super rainy afternoon in camalig, albay.. (hwag na natin i-post ang picture.. banggag ako eh..)

people who will never let me down... :)
the wind beneath my wings..

sisters act...

and of course..
that forwarded text which completed my 2010 (i can do with that)..
it makes me smile again..

(yes, its wednesday)
happy wednesday, sweety..