Wednesday, January 19, 2011


today, papa cried because of me
and probably,
mama shed tears too..

sa buong buhay ko, ngayon lang umiyak si papa,
and it breaks my heart to know that..

i'm in tears writing this,
but though i am hurting, i am more thankful because of their love..

one thing i am happy with what happened recently,
is the desire i have right now to keep moving and smile everyday..

kahit ano pang dumating,
kahit may mga nagbago, o may kulang,
kahit malayo, kahit bali ang pakpak,
kahit ano..
kaya ko na..
kahit truck, sasalubungin ko para sa kanila..

i'll try triple hard to make my everyday in full blast,
to make everyday happy (to the nth power)..
to embrace everything with an open heart..

kaya ko pa!
kaya ko na!

dahil malaki masyado ang puso ko..
dahil mahal ako  ng papa at mama ko..
dahil mahal ako ng mga kapatid ko..

(making everyday, wednesday) :)


  1. “Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars”
    - Kahlil Gibran

    I read this quote during my high school days from a photocopied and stapled booklet I got among my brother's things. It was written below the pages after each article - articles about pinangat, love, friends...and sisterhood. In describing her sisters, I remember longing for a sister, someone I could confide to in ways I couldn't be with my brothers...

    I still don't have a sister but my brothers and I have been a little bit closer. I don't know where that booklet is now - probably in some box where the rest of my life is in hibernation. But I got to meet the writers, I found where the Pooh Corner is. By some twist of fate, I even got to be stay in it!

    I have held on to this quote for so long that this quote ought to pop into my mind without any difficulty by now. But I had to google it this time. For whatever reason the exact words have failed to stick to my mind, what I do remember is the love of a sister written in each word...

    With such love that's been given, so much can still be shared. How can the heart cease to do what it was meant to do? ;)

  2. @mya
    what happened

    how does pooh corner operate?

  3. witness ako ng unconditional love na sinasabai mo.
    your parents really love you so much.

    sasabihin ko rin sayo ang sinabi mo sa akin no'n:
    go for it.
    tatagan ang sarili.
    sabayan ng dasal.
    at lumapit sa mga kaibigan at sa Diyos.

    i love you maya :)

  4. ayoko ng magsalitya pa ng madami...
    basta alam mo na yung sinabi ko :))


  5. @urbanmiss.. so so so happy to see you here.. God, i miss you girl.. i really miss talking to you.. specially mga bagay na mababaw lang pero may lalim din kapag we reflect on it.. reading your words brought me to memory lane again.. yah.. i remember when i was in college and i would save some copies of pooh corner to share it to my friends in manila.. and yes, i was also happy when i get to discover and meet the writers and experience pooh corner at its best... from pinangat passion to dear pooh.. from bitter, battered and better to poetry.. hai, those where the days...thanks urbanmiss for dropping by.. hugs :)

    @rexstatic... pooh corner is the official publication of the peer counselors.. you have the editorial board (including kung sino si pooh who will answer the dear pooh corner).. you set a theme for the edition.. you ask for contributors sa adnu community, students, even faculty and staff.. editorial board reads and chooses the articles to be published.. lay out, design, proof read, etc.. press and release.. and people love it.. hehehe...

    @simplixiety. yah.. i know.. and thanks for hugging them for me..

    @brentzu.. "sorry heals all pains.." thanks again..

    hugs everyone.. :)

  6. @rexstatic..

    ah, its just a very stupid thing i did in the past.. stupid me.. so stupid me.. hai.. :)

  7. @mya
    talaga, curious ako.

    i was wondering how it started and what made it stop, it would be a good idea to reopen it.

  8. @rexstatic.
    on topic. its a family thing. so, lets keep it at that.

    offtopic. i forgot the history na, but kasi college pa lang ako meron ng pooh corner. but i guess one of its aim was counseling in a different way.. through a different medium ba.. when i got to the office, i got the chance to learn about it and also work with the editorial board.. it stopped kasi mahal masyado ang production. unlike pillars newpapers na they reproduce big time, pc was only with limited copies, siguro 500 copies lang nga. and in a way, it has also (some say, and maybe true, hehe), it became an outlet din of pcs to showcase their literary prowess. naging malaking topic yung impact ng pooh corner sa budget hearing (like is it really effective as a form of counseling).. there even was an impact study conducted on it.. pero, inalis pa rin sya.. kasi magastos nga..

    but there was a time na some pcs where thinking of reviving it.. iibahin lang yung packaging.. options were, coming up with one page spread a month, or pooh corner online.. mga ganun..

    dami ko na naman sinabi.. ask around na lang.. hehe.. :)

    lei tuazon (ung sa madrigal office, was once the editor in chief during her time).. ask teiya too..

    goodluck.. :)