Friday, March 4, 2011


i argued my way just to get me this.. :) (galing ko talaga).. i wanted to end my friday with a big smile so i really made sure i'll get Pilosopong Komikero to go with me in this area (near araneta coliseum)  to take this picture.. haha.. he was really so pissed off with me.. but heaven won't let my day turn out sour so it rained compassion making PK a great genie  granting my wish.. hai.. at least now, i can pass by this area everyday without thinking again when i'll get a picture of myself with iheartyoupare.. 

addict eh... : )

thanks to Bolang de Kanto for rooting for me.. :)
but super thanks to Pilosopong Komikero for doing the task in the midst of so many bystanders.. see, you helped turn my friday perfect (and we still don't know if its my last day on earth huh!) :)

030411friday (t.g.i.s)

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  1. Double WHATEVER! drama mo! Club tayo next time, and you'll going to nail that day if you wear a glam-fab dress. *kaaashing!