Sunday, March 20, 2011


ready for take off
for hope
Dancing Queen treated me and my officemates to a free registration on the run for the cardinal santos' pediatric ward of cancer patients.  too bad Ms. Roxy was not able to join us. but it was still fun joining this event in the company of new friends.

i sighed (happy sigh) as i was greeted by my Manila Moon (on its super state) just before the race started. beautiful luna, you never fail to make me smile. :)

still breathing huh? :)
its my first 10k run and was also my first to be in Mckinley Hills. God, i thought i would die along the race. haha. i actually met my target time in the 5k mark.  unfortunately, i got slower with the second half. i can remember stopping in all the water stations.  my head was feeling so hot that i even poured water on it several times.  i also finished a whole cadburry bar on my way. uphill running was like deadly for my legs, but downhill running was so refreshing and gave me the feeling of freedom.  i also enjoyed the cheering of the staff in the different stations and other joggers along the way. they helped me push myself to run and reach the finish line.

i was just so eager to reach the finish line that reaching it made me even forget all about how much time i spent.  it was a weird feeling but i was nearly to tears after finishing. i find it really funny how i can still be too emotional even with my running.  Pilosopong Komikero and i were joking that this run is going to be one of the milestones in my life.  haha, recalling the teary-eyed-moment still sends me to laugh out loud.

as usual, i wasn't lucky with the special prizes given away.  Rice Queen, Dancing Queen, and 5 ft 8 got lucky to receive gift packs from one of the sponsors of the run.  Ms. Dotie treated herself with free coffee.  while i took advantage of the freebies given away (a tubler and a fabric conditioner for babies, :( sayang.. maybe i'll send it to heaven huh?)..

with ms ava
there were also add ons to the event.  for instance,  the music and the cute mascots of the different sponsors were present and contributed to the fun.  its happy to note that a lot of people still enjoy the company of mascots. i had fun with the inflated slide, it was like flying in a flash.  fun. super fun. :)

and since its my first 10k run,  i also thought that i should make it more special. i decided to run with this special posting on my back as my way of telling the world that i will continue to embrace and live my life to the fullest.  my way of thanking my God for every chance to show the world that i have opened my heart for more love and i will super try hard to make it last that way.  my way of thanking my God that i am ready to embrace his plans for me. eat, pray, run, and love. :)

until the next run then.


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