Sunday, March 6, 2011


my youngest sister treated us for lunch at jollibee and a tour to the myth of the human body at the neobabylon building in taguig city (click to get a peak)(read more).  the entire exhibit was interesting in itself.  i heard myself saying my ohhs and ahhs.. my cool and wows.. God's works on the human body have always amazed me, but seeing them for real brought me to an experience beyond words.. 

we were not allowed to take pictures inside the exhibition area, but here are some of the parts of the exhibit that gave me sighs of awe (because of God's wonders) and sighs of sadness (because of life's unfairness) anyway, here goes:
  • people who signed up to donate their bodies when they die to be used for the exhibition..
  • seeing an entire figure of the human body of just the veins, arteries and blood vessels
  • seeing the ideal lungs and down to the sunog-baga-gang
  • the human heart (not beating of course)
  • fetuses in the entire stages
  • pregnant woman whose baby died in her womb
  • a head cut into five parts to emphasize the layers 
  • lotus feet
  • a sixteen year old body of a girl cut into 5 to show the layers
  • a 21/22 year old body of a girl cut into 97 pieces to show its full layers
  • the hypothalamus (oh yes, i love you from here)
the exhibit lasted for about an hour and a half.. i went out of the place thinking of those who donated their bodies for it and those whose body were unclaimed.. what exactly were they thinking to do that? what happens to their spirits and their souls? was dr. hagen's purpose for polymer preservation or plastination of the human bodies merely because of intellectual pursuits?.. hmm... i actually was not able to comprehend my own thoughts too.. well, i may say, philosophy, religion and science may be coming in different hemispheres if we will dry to dig in with these points..

in the meantime, its a day i can call both amazing and disturbing..(good thing we already ate lunch before going to the exhibit)..  let's charge it to experience then.. 

the exhibit still runs until april 17, open from 10.30am  to 8.30pm at the neobabylon building, bayani road, taguig city. tickets @P350.00

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  1. Wow. o_o

    When I die, I'd give away my eyes or whatever there is that could still change lives. Pero para i-exhibit? Nakakatakot naman yun... XD

  2. another reason to wish I was there. At this point though, I don't want to go to the extremes for intellectual pursuits...but then again we won't go this far if we didn't push those boundaries...I hope the owners of those bodies thought they did a great job educating us in the end. =S

  3. interesting though creepy.XD

  4. @renzo.. better get a card from eye bank and carry it with you everyday.. sabi dun sa exhibit, our sight is the first sense na nawawala sa atin when we are dying..

    @urban miss.. yah, i would like to think din naman na we really have to go to the extremes, lalo pa sa panahon na kailangan natin mas ma address mga needs ng mga nagkakasakit.. i also would like to think that their souls are in peace..

    @Mecode.. yah, creepy.. i was thinking about it again this morning.. parang na disturb ako sobra.. like the last piece of body na cut into 97 pcs.. haist talaga, parang pork chop lang na naka bitin sa palengke..

    niwei, sabi ko kay lei, pag pumunta kayo dito, treat ko! hehe..

  5. oo??YES!haha.parang gusto ko tuloy pumunta jan.
    ingat palagi.hugs.mwah!Ü

  6. @MEcode.. oo ba, kahit di mo birthday, treat kita.. hehe..:)

  7. eto ba yung sinasabi mo sakin...ang nice nga..hahaha wanna be here..hhaha

  8. @matangmulat..
    yah.. yan nga.. sa affiliation ninyo andito pa sila.. you can still catch their exhibit.. im sure you'll enjoy it..