Tuesday, March 15, 2011


you know how love can really be so amazing that it can let people turn 360 degrees just to respond to that call to simply love to the fullest? i have always believed in the magic of love, but recently, i got more confirmations about things that revolve around this concept. i have come to believe that really, love can move mountains.. :)

living. loving. and learning.
letting go. letting be.
waiting. exploring. dating.
one day, he'll find his perfect match.

eating. praying. loving. running. and loving still.
letting God. letting be.
she will wait (you know she'd say that).
one day, she'll have that one day..

loving. falling. and loving more.
hoping. believing.
he's not the hopeless romantic.
one day, he will be.. 

letting go is to fear less and to find peace.
one day, fear will go and he will learn to love again.

never gave up. never gave in.
never left.
she's still the same.
one day, she'll soar the endless skies.

won't let love steal what's uniquely him. you means you. i means i.but believe that i love you.
one day, he will know what we are talking about.

love can make two people hug all day long. love can make you choose to leave your comfort zones. love can simply mean sending smiles. love can make you cook adobo. and love can turn cupcakes to freesbies.

3 pastas.
1 pizza.
bottomless water.

3 souls.
1 night.
different poles.

at the end of the day,
love will still reign.


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