Sunday, March 27, 2011


i ran my third marathon for this month. it wasn't actually a planned run. a friend invited me last night to join a run for his group, Gawad Kalinga. since it meant another opportunity to run, i obviously said yes. plus, it also meant running with new companions, Ion Man and my sister Honey Bee. i also said yes because proceeds will be for Gawad Kalinga, Habitat for Humanity, Haribon Foundation, and Verlanie Foundation.  running for this cause gives me the feeling that i am contributing to every person's dream of having their own homes, of knowing how it feels to be truly home. it makes me feel blessed, and makes me want to do more. :)

i knew i am not psyched up to run the 10k so i joined in the 5k category. it was a good run even if i felt too sleepy. i saw a lot of stars too. it was also the first marathon where i got a lot of freebies. there were hydration drinks, sunday newspaper, sports magazines (oh, i got 4), oats bar, pain relievers, tumbler from igma news tv (i requested for a green one), and a lot more.

on the downside, i didn't have a camera with me. and it only meant one thing, no pictures with coach Rio de la Cruz.. oh i was nearly to tears when i saw him a lot of times walking in front of me.. talk about bad luck huh?.. i guess the "adjustment bureau" is working so hard for us not to cross paths huh? haist.. oh well, i can still dream of that one day i'll get a picture with him.. be waiting then ..

on a happy note again, after not seeing my Manila Moon for a couple of days, aba! he was present the entire run. hmmm, looking down for me huh?... so so glad to see you again! really..: )

in my simple way, i knew i helped build a dream today.
what do you build?


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