Sunday, March 27, 2011


i read about him (Mikey Bustos) on the sunday newspaper a while ago. he's a filipino-canadian who sings (gosh he sings so well, love his cove of unchained melody and straight from the heart) and and write songs, an actor and a co-founder of an online store ( that caters to ant enthusiasts on all parts of the world.  but the point of the article was his creation of this phenomenon on youtube for his filipino tutorial video series. i got so interested that i immediately checked out his videos. on this sleepy and lazy sunday, i found myself laughing out so loud while watching. it also amazed me again how Filipinos can be so creatively witty and funny at the same time.

try checking out his videos.  i am sure you'll like them too (unless, ang babaw ko na naman lang talaga). here's a sample of his works. enjoy chickenjoy!



  1. i really love it and Vlog... the p and bs hahahah hahah... funny..hahah
    love this one ate....

  2. ei james.. so nice to see you here.. hehe.. funny noh? there are more in youtube.. i also like the filipino dining tutorial.. :)

  3. sounds fun, i wanna check him na :))