Monday, March 21, 2011


i promised little dylan and little dynnelle for a weekend sleep over.. here's a fulfillment of the promise made..

buying dinner at joseph bitangcol's bbq haus.. i love the isaw sooo much.. no isaw for kids of course.. :)

no cheese curls little dynnelle.. let the tantrums begin!! 

photography sessions with tita nickelodeon.. baby dynnelle plays sad.. :(

i taught her to do that.. hehe.. mommy doesn't like it.. hehe..

with mommy dottie.. i slept in this tent hugging a huge bear..

pillow fight with dylan.. since i am older, i deserve a big pillow as well.. :) haha...

thumb wrestling.. (i promised myself i'll only play this game with Pilosopong Tasyo..).. guess i broke a promise here huh?.. oh well, i'm sure he wouldn't mind.. :)

playing with Rice Queen..

playing with puppets..

hai.. so cute.. :)

truth is..
people won't need vitamins if they are surrounded by kids..
i miss them already.. :(


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  1. kaya pala sleeping under the pink tent ka nung isang gabi! :D