Sunday, March 13, 2011


this saturday is just so perfect. Pilosopong Komikero and i  had a chance to "kinda" baby-sit the kids of my officemate. we first went to buy them balloons, dora for denelle and ben ten for dylan. they were jumping for joy when they saw our pasalubong for them.

we were introduced. but he called me with a different name.. tita nickelodeon! we all laughed.. ok that's cool with me.. then its Pilosopong Komikero's turn to be introduced.. no, it's tito marshmallow.. haha.. ok, that's sweet.. they were so cute calling us with our new names.

we went to eastwood to treat them to timezone  together with their mom. i played tekken with dylan. you know, the kind of play where you barely touch the buttons just so his character can hit your character hard and have a knock out in the end. hehe, that way, i got to look forward to his reactions when he knows that he won the round again. he'll jump for joy and ask me for high fives. but what i found really sweet was when he'd say sorry tita.. more practice tita everytime he knocks my character off and beat me in the play. hai..
denelle on the other hand was initially sleeping on PK's shoulder. it all changed when she saw timezone of course. PK surely looked so happy carrying her in his arms. feel na feel maging tatay.. she also played the games even if she really doesn't know anything about what she was doing. but then seeing her make faces whenever she would kid around was heavenly.

Laughing by ポールwe all watched the dancing fountain in eastwood's little park. watching the water danced did not stop the kids from dancing as well. haha.. talk about mga batang bibo. watching them really brought me so much joy. as we were about to go home, dylan was pleading that PK and i come for a sleep over tomorrow.. please tita sleep over on sunday.. mommy, tell tita and tito to sleep over please.. hai.. if only i can keep him.. (if only i also had the chance)..

i promised him i'll sleep over next weekend..

this was a perfect sabado for me. bonus, i finally got to play the technika.. PK's better than me today, but i'll make sure that the next visit will turn his tables down.

blessed day for me. PK and Ms Dottie on the contrary both lost their phones today.. i think they're still lucky though.. hehe..

my foreign camera also failed me big time today as we were not able to take pictures of our activities. but its fine, i have our laughters in my heart right now. and i can so much picture dylan's and denelle's faces even without closing my eyes..

til the next weekend.


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