Thursday, November 25, 2010


hindi man ikaw ang pinaka mahalagang tao sa  buhay ko, hehehe...toinks.. (sunday conversation), :)
i can only thank God everyday for the friendship extended..

here's a ticket to enjoy philippines' top quality feeds and world class alcoholic beverage..
happy birthday to my-secret-keeper..
happy birthday chubs..

(advance greeting na ito)..


  1. while reading this post i got across yet again another good video post of yours...

    alam mo yung tipong ang saya kasi the song played by the kid is a beatles' song that sounds hopeful and happy and all pero yan all of a sudden a sad tone came in, birthdays... ahhh. i miss you, yun.

    i don't know if i have said this to you but when i about to start my last year here i started to plan how to spend, i thought of people whom i'd spend most of my time with, your name was among the first to enter my mind, tapos yun, things changed...

    hai, madram na naman ako...
    i just miss you.

  2. infairness brent, madami nga. hehehe

    maligayang kaarawan din kay hub :)

  3. @brent tzu.. yah,naalala ko yun na sinabi mo after mo malaman na aalis na ako.. there are also days here when i think of the day that the lungga will be giving the tribute to seniors.. iniisip ko din na sana nandyan din ako to see you all.. ngayon palang, i feel proud and happy na.. and tears are actually starting to flow again.. gosh, i miss you all so much.. buti na lang mag isa lang ako dito.. i can cry all i want again.. haha..

    hayaan mo, we will have our time..