Tuesday, November 30, 2010


my third run..
for knowledge..
for the youth..
and for all the kids
who all deserve a good education and a wonderful christmas..

new found running buddies
it feels so great to have new running buddies for this race (although of course, i wanted to have heartbeat running with me as well).. feels good to be influencing some people to start running too.. they ran for the 3k while i decided to stick with the 5k category (i told myself i won't advance until i don't meet my target time).. :)

it was so far the most difficult route for me, but i enjoyed every phase of the race specially running towards the skyway while the sun is starting to show up.. tiring but really a wonderful feeling..

i knew i would finish longer than my target time because of the difficult route.. but as i was about to reach the finish line, up in the sky was a plane of the philippine airlines.. hmm, aboard that plane must be Seth.. i let out a big smile.. and a happy sigh :)

i failed to beat my past race results.. it's okay, it's still the running that matters..
and i am glad that my new friends enjoyed their first marathon..

rank324 bib2476 time0:45:42 distance5 genderF agecategoryC

another accomplishment for Myangligaw on the run..
eat pray run.. :)



  1. yehey! glad that you had a chance to run again... i'm happy that you now have new running mates (you'll always be my original running mate...
    we will be running too on december 5 (10km)
    at alam ko na tatakbo rin ang puso mo
    eyes on the finish line!
    run, run, run!

  2. @heartbeats.. yah, new running mates, and you'll be my original as well..

    tatakbo ako? o siya? haha.. toinks ka.. umayos ka.. shhh...

    im signing up for the run dyan pag uwi ko.. still thinking kung alin..

    next year na lang siguro ako mag 10k..

    eyes on the finish line.. good luck and have fun.. :)