Friday, November 19, 2010


i love candy canes, specially the red, green and white colored ones.. i automatically feel the christmas spirit..

can you imagine the time when you were still a kid and you're too excited to open your christmas gifts.. and then your eyes grew big when you discovered that the gift was the one you so long wanted..

im actually home right now.. been feeling sick the past days, so i decided to give myself a rest today.. i remember telling Berdeng Ibon that one of the best ways to be happy is to help other people.. so i decided to volunteer myself and my time with a group who share themselves to children with cancer..

they say that Christmas is for kids.. the group is actually gathering gifts to  be given to the kids.. here's to share with you what the group does during the Christmas season..

Dear Pipol!

hi at mabuhay! salamat sa suporta at sana tuloy tuloy till we see change! below is the updated wishlist ng ating mga alaga from Manila and Batangas! below them are the wishes of kids with cancer under our care in Cebu! kaya if you are or know someone from Cebu! please forward this email!

From the original list of Manila and Batangas kids we have already granted 39 of their wishes! kaya 68 more kids are praying and hoping that their wishes will come true! 23 kids in Cebu are also asking their kapwa Cebuanos for help!

We hope and pray that by December, ALL THE WISHES HAVE BEEN GRANTED para we can give these children the experience of receiving and opening a gift just like your child, nephew, nieces, apo do every December!

your help will not just make a child happy! but will also enlighten the family that XMAS is real! and will give hope to FIGHT on and continue their FIGHT for LIFE!

MERRY XMAS IN ADVANCE! HOHOHO!                        

1          Bantucan, Kimberly                18        Maternity  financial assistance, (Pre-natal)
2          Estoy, Marielle                       15        maong skiny s-30,rubber shoes girl color s-9,
3          Naorbe, Venice Klein              4         Barbie doll, clothes kids s-L, shoes s-28 and bag
4          Fercol, Mary Joy                   10         Clothes s-12and shoes s-5
5          Llovit, Cherry                       15          T-shirt s-S, pant w- 26 and bag
6          Malayag, Nicole                    4          Troller bag, shoes s-5 and clothes 
7          Bernal, Edison                       17        Prosthesis above knee r-leg still need 25K (Price 65k, PCSO   granted 40K)
8          Durian, Kurt Williams              5          Bike na may sidecar, Hulk and Naruto toys
9          De Quiros, Jeman                   6         Bike na may sidecar, Ben 10, T-shirts s-M, shoes s-30
10        Caballero, Ronel                    15        Clothes & Bike with side car
11        Ocampo, Kurt Russel              3        Sandal &shoes s-27, Naruto robot
12        Mariano, Symon Benedict        5        Ben 10 toy, transformer, pants s-20, converse rubber shoes s-31           
13        Mendoza, Raymart                 10        Bike with side car, transformer robot
14        Refuerzo, Lucky                      7        Transformer Robot
15        Nalapo, Reynard                     4         Bike with side car,robot, Tom & Jerry CD, ben 10 clothes s-L
16        Franco, Jerico                        6         Remote control car, shoes s-32 and clothes kids s-L
17        Navallo Vergilio                11 mos.     artificial eyes, clothes s-Land shoes infant L

BATANGAS CHAPTER                             
1          ALCANTARA, BRIAN EDWARD      11        T-SHIRT LARGE
2          ARROYO, JHEWELLE               4         TOYS; T-SHIRT MEDIUM
3          BALTAZAR, KENNETH              7         TOYS
4          BERGADO, MIEN ALLEN               13        T-SHIRT LARGE
5          CALANOGA,  AARON                    8          T-SHIRT LARGE
6          CALAPATIA, JOHN EZEKIEL         2          TOYS
7          DE CASTRO, NORIEL               9          T-SHIRT LARGE; SHOES SIZE 34
10           ELONTA, BERNARD KING               7          VOLLEY BALL
11        ENDAYA, FRANCO GUISSEP           6          TOYS; TSHIRT MEDIUM
12        FABIAN, ALDOUS JOHN                   5          TOYS
13        GALVEZ, MICHAEL                  16        pants s-30, T-shirts s-M
14        GUMABON, TROI JHOLO               11        T-SHIRT XL (ADULT SIZE)
14        HERERA, MIKE JULIUS                  9         TOYS
16        HUELBA, HANZ LIM                      5         SHOES SIZE 32; TOYS
17        ILAGAN, MARK RAINIER              16        T-SHIRT LARGE; PANTS SIZE 30
18        LAS, JHON NOEL                          9          TOYS
19        LASIN, JOHN CEDRIC                  6          TOYS
20        MAGBUHOS LHENARD                 8          SHOES SIZE 33; PANTS SIZE 30; T-SHIRT LARGE
21        MENDOZA, KIM LESLY                 3          TOYS
22        PEMADO, JOHN MICHAEL            5          TOYS
23        PORILLO, KENNETH                    9          T-SHIRT LARGE; TOY CAR
24        PURUGGANAN, MARK REN     11          PANTS SIZE 33; T-SHIRT XL (TEEN SIZE)
25        RECIO, DEXTER                        10          T-SHIRT LARGE
26        ROXAS, CRIEL JOHN                  5          SHOES SIZE 32; PANTS SIZE 30; T-SHIRT LARGE
27        SUAN, JOHN ANTHONY              5          TOYS
28        TINGSON, GENESIS                   2          TOYS; T-SHIRT MEDIUM; SHORTS MEDIUM
29        TIZON, RAY ALLEN                   18        T-SHIRT LARGE;
30        UMALI, ROILAN                         13        PANTS SIZE 29; T-SHIRT MEDIUM
32        VILLANUEVA, ASHLEY               4          TOYS
33        ADIS, SHEERA                                 3          RECHARGEABLE TOY CAR; EDUCATOINAL KIDDIE LAPTOP;  SHOES S-28
34        ARANEL, ELIZABETH                       7          TOYS; DRESS LARGE
35        BORRAS, ANGEL                             7          TOYS; DRESS MEDIUM
36        CAMAING,                                        2          DOLL HOUSE; DRESS MEDIUM; SHOES SIZE 37
37        CASTILLO,                                       4          DOLL (name- BABY ALIVE )
39        COMETA, MALOU                           16        SANDALS SIZE 8; FOLDING BED;
40        DE VILLA, MAYBELYN                     5          TOYS
41        GUCE, CHRISTINE JOY                  11        RUBBER SHOES SIZE 6 1/2; DOLL HOUSE; WISH KO GUMALING
43        MARALIT, RAIZA JOY                    12        COMFORTER
44        MARANAN, JASHMINE                    3          TOYS; DRESS LARGE
46        MATANGUIHAN, ROSE                   3          TOYS; DRESS LARGE
47        PARADILLA, JUSTINE                  10        SPONSOR
48        TENORIO, MAIDEN                 10        DRESS LARGE
49        TISBE, PAMELA                          8          DRESS LARGE
50        CANETE, ROSE                         13        GROCERIES
51        SAN JUAN, GEORGE                 9          GROCERIES

1          Ma. Victori                                 8          Bike / Doll House /
2          Patti Mae Tabra                         6          Toy Laptop / Baby Doll Alive with Cart / Bike
3          Gift Delimal                               3          Toy Laptop / Dora Stuff Toy / Dora Shoes or Sandals
4          Kianna Chrizia Kasayan             9          Baby Doll Alive / Sponsor for Physician's Fee /
5          Claire Helery Noel                    11        Baby Alive Doll / Vitamins - Immuno Max & Cherifer / Clothes
6          Nathalie Coleen Nacario            5          Big and Small Teddy Bear  / Clothes for Christmas / Barbie
7          Juryce Hope Potot                   3          Barney Stuff Toy / Bike
8          Ella Marie Duenas                  13                   
9          Louis Jane Pisco                    4          Bike
10        Krishia Romblon                   12        Sponsor for Chemotheraphy / Rubber Shoes / To see Elmo Magalona

11        Carl Jude Manloloyo               10         Clothes
12        Andrei Ebajan                                     Sponsor for FARE (Leyte-Cebu) for his brothers and Sister to visit Cebu this Christmas                                                                                                                        
13       Lance Marvin Turbanos           14        T-Shirt with Collar / Airplane (Tamiya)
14        Akeem Vladimir Bacus           9 mos  S4 Milk Supply (Promil-Gold 6 mos. To 1 yr) / Diapers (Pampers - Large) / Vitamins (Cherifer                                                                                       Drops & Celine Drops)
15        Justin Jade Guno                  6          DVD's for Kids
16          Jhudiel Pano                      12        Mountain Bike / Guitar or Electric Guitar
17       Justin Cyrus Armecin                            Remote Control Car / Telescope (real) / DS Nintendo
18       Rick Agustine Ruiz               13        CML Sponsor for Hydroxyurea (Litalir)Meds / Fubu Shirt /
19        Axel Mahidlawon                   6          Car Toys / Milk / Shoes size 16 / Clothes XL
20       Joshua Amodia                    15        Painting and Art Materials
21        Dave Louis Casia                  8         Bike / Clothes /
22        Dave Godwin Bermiso                         Financial Aid / Bike / For Mom to find a good paying job to be able to pay for daily needs
23        Allan                                                        Dancing doll / Clothes

one wants to see kris aquino and elmo magalona.. most want toys and dresses.. others wanted a supply of their medicines.. while some just wanted to finally get well..

being with these kids also gives me another reason to wake up everyday.. i know i am blessed in ways more than one.. as the season of advent is nearing, please do include them in your prayers..

you can be a santa for one day..
happy christmas everyone..

ps. of course, i wouldn't mind pledges of even simple toys.. i heard someone's coming here for a training or something. maybe he can bring some of the toys.. :)


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