Tuesday, November 30, 2010


a welcome hug
a hearty breakfast
2 fat pigs and a bird
long walk
waiting time
taxi ride
check in
one hotdog sandwich and
one cheeseburger each
first pba experience
i won
he lost
he was neutral
another pig comes in
beautiful chrismtas tree
check in
birthday surprise
yummy breakfast
sleep again
check out
bus ride
mind games
mind games
mind games
super late lunch
mind games
mind games
mind games
sad wind
quiet moments
mind games
dinner time
sad wind
quiet moments
mind games
score 4-4-3
they won
i lost
big sigh
big hug
big sigh
see you later



  1. oohh..just saw the pictures.
    getting out of the box?
    i mean, these pictures..wow!:)

  2. im happy about this entry...
    they are smiling--wacky and tacky hehehe
    im wondering are you smiling too (behind the pillow)?
    i hope so.
    i miss your smiles.
    i miss your happy heart.

  3. love the pictures.

    eto pala yung sinasabi mo sa'kin.
    oo nga, nakangiti ka ba sa likod ng mga unan?

    bakit parang namumugto mga mata mo sa pictures? hehehe

  4. Oh excuse me, only one fat guy has arrived on that early Sunday morning. :) Mine is just his half and you know that, ey?

    God-given day indeed. More to come. Yes? Yes.

  5. am i smiling? dats actually why i tried to hide behind the pillow.. i wasn't sure if ill smile or not.. but yes, i was smiling.. not a full smile, but still a smile..

    mugto ba ang mata? yung unang pic kasi antok na.. yung second pic naman, as in bagong gising kami ni chubs..

    well, im am still glad you liked the pics..
    because i love the pic too..

    @pilosopongkomikero..sige sige.. hindi ka pala mataba... and yes, more happy days ahead.. :)

  6. ito pala yun...
    intriguing nga :')

    indeed, what caught my eyes really was your 'smile' behind that pillow. :')

    i'm so happy for this!

  7. @brenttzu..

    bakit, nu tingin mo sa smile na yon?

    hehe :)