Sunday, July 11, 2010


jessica's valeditory address in the movie eclipse actually brought me to reflect on things again.  she mentioned about "committing as many mistakes as you can because after all, nothing is permanent in this world."

the words continued to ring in my ears in between the movies (of course, the words of jacob were more melting than most of edwards..).. but yes, it kept me wondrin', were her thoughts about life and living it true in its very essence?

are there, in the first place mistakes in life? or are they mostly just lessons to be learned, or maybe unlearn, or relearn?  wala rin ba talagang permanente sa mundo? o baka naman nasa pagtingin na iyon ng tao?

it made me recall a common thinking of people about having everything.. we keep hearing people say that it is not possible for one to have everything.. i admit i used to think that way too.. but believe it or not, once in my life, i actually had everything.. i did.. and it was all REAL..

and so with these thoughts,

i'd say there is still such a thing as permanent..  there is after all what i call magic... there is love beyond beyond.. there are still happy ever afters... and there are endless chances in other lifetimes...

that is something permanent..
and they are for real...


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